36 Best Newborn Baby Gifts in 2017

Looking for Unique Newborn Baby Gifts? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I have searched the internet to find the best gifts for newborns in 2017.

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Top Picks


Crib Dribbler

Crib Dribbler

$7.50, Check it Out!

The crib dribbler is a fun newborn baby gift box that you can put your actual present inside. The joke has 6 sides of jokes and illustrations. The box measures 11.25 x 9 x 3.25, so if you have a present that will fit inside this is a fun gift idea. Please note, this is a gag gift and the dribbler is not in the box.


Baby Photo Stickers

Baby Photo Stickers

$13.57, Check it Out!

Parents are always taking tons of pictures of their new baby. With these milestone stickers, everyone will know exactly how old the baby was when the picture was taken. The adorable muff stickers are easy to peel and stick on any outfit. These stickers are great for monthly photos for the first 12 months. Parents always want cute ways to take pictures of newborns, so these stickers will surely be a home run present.


Memory Book with Footprint

Memory Book with Handprint

$16.99, Check it Out!

A baby memory book is a must have baby gift for parents. This book has everything the recipient will need to take an impression of their baby’s footprint or handprint and display it on the front cover of the book, along with a cute picture of their newborn baby. It’s a great present that mom and dad will get a lot of use out of. It is available in multiple colors, making it perfect for boys, girls, or as a unisex and gender neutral present.


Shark Robe

Shark Robe for Newborns

$19.99, Check it Out!

This shark robe is perfect for newborn babies from age 0 months to 9 months old. It’s great to keep their baby warm after a bath or just to wear around. The pink terry robe has white cuffs, two terry ties, a white hood with teeth, black eyes, and a cute dorsal fin. It is great for boys and girls, as it comes in pink or blue. It’s 100 percent cotton, so its super soft and comfortable for the new baby.


Soft Vehicle Set

Soft Vehicle Set for Babies

$20.51, Check it Out!

A soft vehicle set is one of my favorite unique newborn baby gifts that the little one will surely love. Everyone knows that kids, especially little boys, love to play with cars. This soft car and truck set comes with 4 vehicles and a great carrying case. The vehicles include a school bus, fire truck, family car, and a police car. The lightweight and soft pieces are great for kids to roll around and lift. They are great for developing sensory and motor skills.


Buff Babby Rattle

Newborn Baby Gifts

$23.00, Check it Out!

Looking for cute gift ideas for new baby? A baby weight rattle is a toy that the little one will love to play with. The creative toy features two dumbbells that weight 4 ounces each. They make for a great prop for photos or a fun gift idea for new baby if the parents are into fitness. There are also hard rattle out there that are cheaper, but I think paying a little more for a soft rattle is worth it.


Baby Age Blocks

Good New Baby Gift

$24.96, Check it Out!

Baby age blocks are always a home run gift for newborn babies. They are great for the babies room to keep track of exactly how old they are, or to display in the back of photos so everyone knows when the picture was taken. The solid wood blocks are made using water based and eco-friendly paints. This is a creative and unique gift for boys or girls, as the blocks come in colors for boys, girls, or unisex.


Newborn Lounge

Newborn Lounger

$29.84, Check it Out!

The baby lounger is a must have gift for newborns. It is designed to keep babies comfortable during the hours they are away and aren’t being held. It has a convenient handle for carrying and travel. It requires no batteries and can be used anywhere in the house. It is perfect for babies up to 16 pounds and between 0 to 4 months old.


Feed and Sooth Bottle

Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby

$24.99, Check it Out!

The symmetrical nipple on sooth and feed bottles are designed to help the new babies jaw and teeth develop properly. They are also designed to reduce colic, gas, and reflux with their patented vented base that regulates pressure, reducing the change babies get are in the tummies. The set comes with two 5-ounce anti-colic bottles, two 9 ounce anti-colic bottles, and two newborn pacifiers.


First 5 Years Book

Milestone Book

$26.37, Check it Out!

The first 5 years book is a great for recording memories and milestone on a book with 64 beautifully illustrated pages. Pages include hospital bracelets, handprints, footprints, a birth announcement, newspaper announcement, homecoming, adventures, growth charts, immunization chart, dental records, and more.


Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

$31.48, Check it Out!

Baby Shusher is a miracle product designed to help babies fall asleep and end crying fits. The revolutionary product sooths even the fussiest babies by using rhythmic “shush” sounds that grab the baby’s attention. It is a great gift for new babies, infants, and newborns. This product has been featured in many places, including on the NBC’s Today Show. To read more about this product, just click the image above.


Baby Backpack

Diaper Backpack

$79.99, Check it Out!

The baby backpack is a perfect backpack for new moms on the go. It has all the necessary baby essentials mom will need. The pack has 7 outer pockets, 1 large wallet pocket, 1 insulated pocket, 2 front quick access pockets, 1 side pocket, and 2 secure zipper pockets in the pack. To learn about all the features of the baby backpack by Gadikat, hit the picture of the product.

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Under 20 Dollars


Development Ball

Sassy Development Ball

$7.10, Check it Out!

Development balls are a great way for newborn babies to increase their sensory and motor skills. The rattle sounds help create neural connections in newborn babies’ brains. The bright colors and patterns keep the baby’s attention and keep their attention. It’s a great boy, girl, or unisex gift.


Lamaze the Moose

Lamaze the Moose

$8.00, Check it Out!

This is a top gift for newborns. The antlers are soft and are great for soothing a teething baby. The activity legs and crinkle hooves capture and keep the baby’s attention for long periods of time. The multi-purpose clip makes it easy to connect to diaper bags, strollers, or other areas. This present for newborns comes in pink and yellow.


Peek A Boo Forest

Soft Book for New Baby

$8.57, Check it Out!

Peek A Boo Forest is a unique newborn baby gift that has six colorful pages with creative rhymes for story time and bedtime. The book fosters imagination through its stimulating pictures, bold colors, and patterns. It has thousands of 5 star reviews from moms who have used this book repeatedly. Hit the image to see more of the pages.


Fifi the Firefly

Toy for Newborns

$9.59, Check it Out!

Fifi the firefly is a toy that helps babies learn how to focus, track images, and explore the face. It makes a jingling sound that kids love. The jingling, along with the clacking rings keeps the baby alert and engaged. It also has a teether attached to it to help soothe the newborn baby. To learn more about this present, click the image.


Mustache Pacifier

Mustache Pacifier

$9.99, Check it Out!

A mustache pacifier is a cute new baby gift idea that will make mom smile. It is kid safe and 100 percent BPA free. The mustachifier can be used by infants and toddlers of any age. The nipple is small enough to accommodate babies at 0 to 60 months old. It is made of a soft plastic that has ventilation holes.


Baby Einstein Octoplush

Baby Einstein Octoplush

$9.99, Check it Out!

A baby Einstein octoplush is a great newborn baby gift that has a lot of great development tools built in. New babies can explore the different surfaces and increase tactile skills. To make the baby Einstein octopus make sounds, all they need to do is hug or squeeze it. The stitched satin patches increase the baby’s understanding of colors through repetition. Can be switched to talk in three different languages, including English, French, or Spanish.


Toy Winkel Rattle

Toy Winkel Rattle

$10.69, Check it Out!

This toy has multiple newborn toy awards, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award. A winkle rattle is mesmerizing for a newborn baby. The continuous tubes make it an ideal baby teething toy. The shape promotes the baby’s clutching and two handed play skills. It is a great gift for ages 0 to 24 months old. Hit the image to learn more.


Baby Lamb Rattle

Lamb Baby Rattle

$12.53, Check it Out!

This baby lamb rattle is super soft and cute. Is made from a polyester blend that is machine washable. The lamb makes noise when the newborn shakes it for added sensory input and play value. The embroidered eye and nose are soft and safe for infants and newborns of any age.


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Book

$12.73, Check it Out!

Lamaze Captain Calamari’s Treasure Hunt Soft book is perfect for newborn babies. The soft pages are fun for the baby to grip on to and develop grip strength. The bright colors, patterns, and bold colors stimulate the baby. The durable cloth pages are durable and made with washable fabrics.


Hug and Tug Musical Bug

Toy that Plays Music

$12.89, Check it Out!

All the newborn needs to do to have the musical toy play music is pull down on it. When pulled, the body elongates, then slowly returns to its original position, playing music the entire time (up to 90 seconds). It includes 2 clacker rings, a peek n’ see mirror, and knotty legs. All materials are kid safe and 100 percent BPA free.


Clip Clop Rattle

Rattle for Newborn Baby

$12.99, Check it Out!

This Clop Rattle is one of the best newborn baby gift ideas out there. Each hoof features a different activity, so the new one never runs out of things to do. The crinkle materials make a noise that keep keeps entertained and often stops them from crying. Clip Clop is a favorite character that kids love! Hit the image to learn more about this toy’s features.


Vibrating Soother

Vibrating Soother

$13.58, See it!

This Fisher Price Toy for Newborns is awesome. Just press the heart on the puppy’s tummy for it to start vibrating and playing calming humming music. The soft plush textures stimulate the baby’s senses, calm, and comfort, making it perfect for bed or naptime. It’s a gift that the newborn can take with them everywhere they go.


Baby’s First Photo Album

Babies First Photo Album

$13.95, Check it Out!

Baby’s first photo album is a one of kind gift that the baby and his/her parents will love. The soft boy has laminated pages that holds up to 15 4×6 inch phots. It’s a great toy to capture the newborns attention and increase motor skills by flipping through and grabbing the pages. There is plenty of room for a picture of Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, pets, friends, cool places, and more!


Baby Memory Book

Baby Memory Book

$15.99, Check it Out!

This memory book is similar to the product listed in the top newborn baby gifts section, except it’s a slightly different size and grey instead of blue. It’s a terrific way for the parents to track and cherish memories made with their little on. It comes with all the supplies they will need to stamp their new babies foot or hand print onto the cover of the book. It is no mess and 100 percent baby safe.


3D Animal Blanket

3D Animal Baby Blanket

$16.93, Check it Out!

This 3D will capture any baby’s curiosity. The 3D moose has an interesting texture for the newborn to explore. It’s perfect to cuddle with in a car seat, crib, stroller, or during belly time. It comes with a gift ribbon around it also, so you don’t even need to wrap it, making it a perfect last minute gift!


Carseat Mirror

Carseat Mirror

$19.90, Check it Out!

A carseat mirror will let mom and dad see their newborn in the backseat without having to turn around and take their eyes off the road. We all know how dangerous it can be to take your eyes off the road for even a second, and with a baby in the backseat it’s especially important to stay focused. It’s super easy to hang on a headrest, no assembly required.


Monkey Gift Basket

Monkey Gift Basket

$20.08, Check it Out!

This monkey gift basket is a home run gift for newborns. It features and 8 inch stuffed monkey, a 5 inch banana shaped rattle, blanket, and more. It has a solid wood door hanger that reads Shh Baby’s sleeping. Combine this present will the 5 little monkeys book to make it even better! Hit the image to read more about this gift basket.


New Baby Christmas Ornament

Personalized New Baby Ornament

$24.00, Check it Out!

Looking for a Christmas Ornament for a newborn baby? Then this ornament is perfect. The wooded baby block can be personalized and engraved with the babies name and birthday. It is a unique gift for newborns that mom and dad will love and keep forever. The wooden block measures 2” x 2” x2” and is made in the USA. The company has a very fast turnaround time so it’s also a good last minute gift.


Baby Sleeping Wedge

Baby Sleeping Wedge

$24.95, Check it Out!

This baby sleeping wedge elevates the baby’s head at an optimal 12 degree angle, allowing them to fall asleep faster and breathe easier. The slightly angled pillow reduces congestion and reflux that might make it difficult for them to stay asleep. It’s waterproof and stainproof, so it’s very easy to wipe clean.


New Baby Blanket and Rattle

Cute Baby Blanket with Rattle

$24.95, Check it Out!

A Newborn Baby Blanket is one of the best gifts for newborns and new moms.  This award winning gift set ranks in the top 10 best baby gifts for 2017. The gift set arrives in yellow ribbon, so if you don’t have time to wrap it, it will still look great. The embroidered blanket reads “baby”, with a stiched bear, duck, and stars. The unisex color them makes it a great present for boys or girls.

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Under 50 Dollars


Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle Blankets

$25.95, Check it Out!

These swaddle blankets, by Modern Comfort Living, are luxurious, breathable, and super soft. They are a great unisex baby gift idea. They are made from organic cotton that is grown naturally rather than many other swaddle blankets that use cotton made with synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, bleaches, metallic dyes, and other chemicals that can be harmful to delicate newborns.


Magnet Blocks

Magnet Blocks

$25.99, Check it Out!

Magnet blocks are a fun gift that will allow babies and young kids to use their imagination to make things out of the magnetic pieces that can easily be connected and disconnected. Each kit comes with 56 pieces that differ in color. The blocks can be easily washed and cleaned with soap and water.


Cuddle Twins

Gift for Newborn Twins

$26.00, See it!

Cuddle Twins are a creative gift for newborn twins. The two-identical angel dear blankets are great, and mom and dad will love them as well. The adorable cuddle twin stuffed animal cuddle twins come in a reusable box that looks great and is easy to wrap.


Diaper Bag Gift Basket

Diaper Bag Gift Basket

$49.99, Check it Out!

A diaper gift basket is great for busy moms. It comes with a travel changing pad, stuffed animal, receiving blanket, baby pillow, book, and lullabies. The cow stuffed animal is super soft  and is great for new babies to snuggle with in the crib or car seat.

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