Anti Theft Travel Purse


Travelers face a frightening level of well organized theft, including pickpocking, distraction schemes, bag operations, wireless identity theft, and slash and run robberies. Travelon’s anti theft travel purse is packed with useful features to protect travelers from these types of theft. It has a ton of notable features, including a lockable main compartment, radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking card slots, a slash proof design.

For the money, this purse is a steal. The lockable main compartment, slash proof lining, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking slots for credit cards or types of ID make it the best anti theft purse for travelers.

Best Anti Theft Travel Purse

The Lockable Main Compartment

The lockable zipper on the purse’s main compartment makes it almost impossible for someone to get inside without the traveler noticing. The zipper attaches to a sturdy anchor point near the end of the zipper. The zipper can easily be unlocked, but it makes it much more difficult fBest Purse for Travel

Slash Proof Strap and Lining

The double adjustable slash proof shoulder strap can be worn over one shoulder or cross body. The strap and lower part of the bag have reinforced panels made with chain link mesh that is flexible and undetectable. This makes slash and run type robberies (one of the most common threats travelers face) almost impossible.

Theft Preventing Purse for Travelers

RFID Blocking Card Slots

RFID blocking slots protect from wireless identity theft. I will cover what this type of theft is in-depth below. Having RFID blocking thoughts protects thieves from being able to use wireless devices to steal personal information like credit card numbers and bank account information. This type of attack is particularly scary because travelers often don’t know their information was stolen until days or months later.

RFID Blocking Theft Proof Purse

The Carabiner Clip

On the strap of the purse, there is a carabineer clip with a safety lock, which allows the bag to be wrapped around a chair or other fixture and locked.

Common Types of Theft Travelers Face


Pickpocking is a common threat travelers face. Thieves usually steal money, jewelry, or other valuables from unexpecting travelers without them even knowing. This type of theft is most likely to occur in very crowded areas like airports or events. Thieves may bump into victims or use misdirection to carry out this type of theft. Investing in a anti theft travel purse is simple way to prevent against pickpocketing.

Distraction Schemes

Distraction schemes can be very complex, and often involves teams of thieves working together. Basically, one part of the theme distracts, possible by causing a scene or asking the traveler a question, while another member of the team works steal valuables without being noticed. Before a traveler can figure out what has happened, the thieves are long gone.

Bag Operations

Bag operations usually take place in public areas where travelers bags are stored or locked in cubbies or held by a seemingly secure area like behind a hotel counter. Thieves may break into a secure area and pick a lock, or trick a company employee to give them another traveler’s belongings.

Wireless Identity Theft

Wireless identity theft, sometimes called contactless pickpocking, is a growing problem. Technology has allowed thieves to steal from travelers without even touching them. They do this by stealing information from radio frequency identification chips, allowing them to steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, banking information, and more. Most travelers won’t even know their information is stolen until they check their accounts days later. Having a RFID blocking anti theft travel purse is a simple way to protect against this type of theft.

Final Thoughts

Travelers face a frightening level of well-organized theft. Anti theft travel purses are a simple and inexpensive way to prevent against the most common types of theft. It makes a perfect gift for frequent travelers, or a great gift for someone heading to an area where these likes of theft are common, like Europe. To buy this travel purse on Amazon, or to get the latest pricing information, just hit the check it out link at the top of the page.
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