Baby Age Stickers


These animal baby age photo stickers are an adorable photography prop that easily allow the viewer to know exactly how old the baby was one the photo was taken. It also lets the parents see how their baby has changed from mom to month. These animal stickers are easy to peel and stick on clothing.

Parents are always taking tons of pictures of their new baby. With these milestone stickers, everyone will know exactly how old the baby was when the picture was taken. The adorable muff stickers are easy to peel and stick on any outfit. These stickers are great for monthly photos for the first 12 months. Parents always want cute ways to take pictures of newborns, so these stickers will surely be a home run present.

Also take a look at these onesie baby age stickers.

Onesie Age Stickers

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Onesie age stickers are cute props for baby photos. There are 17-month necktie stickers and super hero monthly milestone stickers for the first 12 months. These photo stickers make a great gift for newborns or for baby showers. They are printed on a thin vinyl to adhere to other fabrics easily. They are pre-cut and the ties get larger as the baby’s age increases. They are also made in the USA.. They have glare reduction, smudge, water, and scratch proof. There are a ton of different designs, which you can see through the product image.

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