Bullet Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit


If you need a unique gift for your dad or a guy that enjoys shooting, then a gun cleaning kit shaped like a bullet will surely be a home run gift. This cleaning kit by Wild Shot comes with 10 brass wire brushes for cleaning different caliber guns, 5 cleaning mops, 2 brass adapters, 1 double ended gun cleaning pick, gun oil, and more!

If you have a dad that likes to go shooting then this cleaning kit is a cool gift idea. The case itself that holds the cleaning tools is bullet shaped. It contains 10 brass wire brushes for different guns including 12 gauge shotguns, 20 gauge shotguns, .41 caliber guns, .40 caliber, .357, .9mm, and many more. The kit includes a double ended nylon brush, double ended cleaning pick, bottle for gun oil, and 3 solid brass rods.

Gun Cleaning Kit Shaped Like a Bullet

Gun Cleaning Kit

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Bullet Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit

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