Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit


If you're looking for the best caterpillar to butterfly kit then take a good at this kit by Insect Lore. In my opinion it is the best one out there. I actually recently just bought it for my nephews and they loved it. The mesh habitat is pop up and reusable. It comes with a great instruction guide and booklet to teach keeps about the transformation process from caterpillar to chrysalides, to beautiful painted butterflies. The processes usually takes around 2-3 weeks from start to finish. The standard kit comes with 5 live butterflies.

A butterfly garden is an awesome way to teach kids about nature. They will learn a lot watching the transformation of metamorphosis up close. The kit comes with 5 caterpillars and a reusable mesh habitat for the butterflies to fly around in. The company ships the live caterpillars right to your door, or you can get the kit with a gift voucher so they can redeem them later if they live in an area where it’s too cold to release the painted lady butterflies!

The video above will give you a good overview of the product

Insect Lore Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit

The process transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly is truly amazing. A butterfly garden is a great way for kids to learn about one of natures most interesting transformations. The kit comes with a reusable 11.5 inch tall net that can be reused. Caterpillars ship separately for an additional 7.95, or you can just select the package with live caterpillars.


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Live Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit

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