Funny Knife Block


This is the new and improved version of the your ex knife set. It is a funny knife block that is available in black, chrome, red, and apple green. This 2nd edition version has rollers to protect the blades of the knives.

The Your Ex Knife Block will be a unique and quirky addition to their apartment or home. It makes a great gift for both guys and girls. The bottom of the knife block has added weight to prevent it from tipping over. I don’t think I need to explain why a knife holder tipping over is bad news. The 2nd edition has clear knife sheaths that firmly hold knives in place while still looking sharp.

5 Piece Silver Knife Set

The knives are included with the set, you cannot but them separately. It will surely be a great conversation piece and home run gift.

10 Total Score
Your Ex Funny Knife Block

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