Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

If you’re trying to figure out what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, his birthday, Valentine’s day, or an anniversary, take a look at the list of unique gift ideas for boyfriends below. The list should help you, as we have just updated our 2018 list, so you can find some cool new products! If you need help deciding let us know in the comments!

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6 Tips to Figure out what to get your boyfriend

1. Tech gifts are usually a home run

Typically, guys like anything that has to do with technology. If you think it’s a big waste of time he will probably like it. Something like the Parrot Mambo drone on the list below is an excellent choice. It can be controlled right from his smartphone, take pictures, pick stuff up, and best of all he will get to shoot little green plastic projectiles at you. Headphones, speakers, or phone accessories are all tech gifts your boyfriend will like.

2. Weird things work

Guys like unique and unusual gifts. Something like a Venus fly trap, keychain knife, death star waffle maker, or army man bottle opener are all things he will get a kick out of. Don’t get him boring things like clothes unless he looks really bad all the time…

3. Think about what he does for fun

When looking at unique gift ideas for boyfriends, pick out something he will actually like then make sure it relates to something he already does for fun. If he likes playing video games, consider the latest call of duty or whatever series of games he seems to play the most. If he’s super into a certain sports team, think about getting him a jersey or piece of sports memorabilia for is room. If he’s super into fishing, check our list of gifts for fisherman.

4. What movies and games does he like?

If your boyfriend likes movies, consider buying him some of his favorites or ones you think he might like. If you’re right and he likes them you’ll get bonus points. You could also consider games you can play together. Games like cards against humanity or taboo are good picks!

5. Find out what he needs

If your boyfriend sucks at life and you know it, buy something to help him out. He will appreciate a present to organize his room or make his life easier, like a new money clip or the Clockly alarm clock with wheels that runs away when the timer goes off so he will actually have to get up on time in the morning.

6. Does he work out?

I was once a meathead, so I know what guys that workout like/need. They eat a lot, so anything that helps them prep meals faster is a good gift idea. If he doesn’t already have a small blender that’s easy to clean then consider getting him the magic bullet blender from the list below. Some other good presents would be the food steamer or the rapid egg cooker. He will be able to cook a lot of food with a little bit of work. If your boyfriend is a runner, consider an inexpensive GPS watch or something that will help him monitor how far he is running each week. These are all examples of good unique gift ideas for boyfriends.

It’s hard to say which gift is “the best” because every guy is into different things. That said, with the number of gifts I have on this list, you should be able to narrow down your search on what to get your boyfriend.

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Death Star Timer

Death Star Timer

For you’re looking for a Star Wars gift for your boyfriend, this Star Wars Death Star timer is cool gift idea for him. This timer will ensure he doesn't burn the cookies he is making you, oversleep naps, show up late on date night, or miss an appointment. When the timer runs out it emits a green super laser and sound. ...

Portable Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 3 Splash proof speaker is a great speaker that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is splash proof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or it being splashed if it’s around the pool. It can also be used a crystal-clear speakerphone, as it has great noise and echo canceling technology built in. ...

Razor and Brush Holder

Razor and Brush Holder

After researching razor stands we have determined this razor and brush holder by perfecto to be the best bang for your buck. The chrome razor stand looks great and holds your brush. The two biggest advantages of using a razor stand are the increased blade life and overall organization. The base of the razor stand is ...

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