Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

If you’re trying to decide what to get mom for Christmas, her birthday, or for Mother’s day, then you’ve come to the right place. Take at look at our list of unique gift ideas for mom below. For some reason a lot of people have trouble finding a gift for mom, but after looking over our list we are confident you’ll find something. We just updated our list to the 2018 edition! Read More

7 Tips to find Gifts for Mom

1. Consider her interests

If your mom loves certain things a lot like tea, consider the tea sampler and variety packs. If your mom enjoys walking or is trying to be more active, consider a good pedometer or Fitbit, so she can track her steps and monitor her activity level. If your mom is super into health and fitness, consider a good small blender that’s easy to clean. Another good present is a quality juicer, like the Breville Juice Fountain on the list below.

2. Does she cook or bake?

Cooking and baking accessories always make great gift ideas for moms. There a lot of the list below. A good set of nonstick bakeware, a large electronic skillet, sharp knife set, good glassware set, blade friendly cutting board, steel mixing bowl set, digital bowl scale, digital thermometer, steel colander set, cast iron skillet, bakers secret cooling racks, kitchen shears, and an endless edge brownie pan are all good gifts for moms that bake and cook often.

3. Kitchen accessories

Take a look at her kitchen appliances to see if there is anything that is broken or out of date. Things like a sharp set of knives, electronic mixer, hand held emulsifier, blender, metal stand mixer, pressure cooker, food processor, hand mixer, or electronic salt and pepper shaker are all things she might need. Every time she uses it she will think of you and remember it was a gift from you.

4. Unique presents for the house or yard

Moms like anything that was a gift a little bit more. Something to lively up the house like a unique suncatcher or decoration she can display will be a home run. A bird or hummingbird feeder are always great gift ideas. Everyone loves looking out the window and seeing colorful birds and wildlife. Also consider cleaning accessories like a programmable robot vacuum, hand held vacuum, or good duster.

5. Things to help her relax

There are some awesome gifts for mom on the list that are specifically to help her relax. Things like the electronic foot massager, bath bomb kit, flameless candles, padded bath pillow, or a top of the line pillow are all things she will like, but probably won’t buy herself. Other good gifts would be things like the amazon echo speaker so she can listen to music, take calls, send messages, ask questions, and listen to audiobooks all through voice commands. Also consider a good pair of wireless speakers or headphones.

6. What does she need and actually want

Most moms have a large list of things they want, but don’t want to spend money on themselves. Knocking things off her wish list ensures you buy a gift she will use often. If you are having trouble choosing a present, just go ask mom what she actually wants.

If your mom is always working outside or in the garden, consider gardening accessories like the stand up weed claw or the pair of gardening claws on this list. If she doesn’t have a law cart, there are two good ones on this list. The two wheeled lawn cart and collapsible utility wagon are both great gift ideas for mom. Like I said above, don’t be afraid to ask her if there is anything she needs.

7. Get the latest version

When picking out presents for mom make sure you don’t buy a knock off. Do you research and choose a gift that has great ratings and is the most up to date version. You don’t want her to be stuck with something that’s already out of date but she feels bad replacing because it was a gift. Just do a google search or look on amazon to find out what the latest and greatest product in that category is.

It’s hard to say what the “best gift for mom” is because every mom has unique interests, but you should be able to find something for her on this list.

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Foot Massager with Heat

Foot Massager with Heat

This device is great for anyone who stands on their feet or has muscle cramps and/or pains. It has 18 rotating massage beads that rotate in opposite directions for a great deep foot massage. It has 2 speed modes she can choose from. Reflexology foot massages are known to have a number of health benefits including ...

Small Bluetooth Speaker

Small Bluetooth Speaker

For the price this small portable Bluetooth speaker is hard to beat. Is is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Cambridge Soundworks designed the speaker to be small and compact, so you can throw it in a backpack or take it with you anywhere you go. For a small speaker it has a pretty good battery life.  It has an ...

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