Cool Gifts for Artists in 2018

If you’re looking for cool gifts for artists in 2018 or just presents for artsy people, then you’ve come to the right place. The list below should help you find some unique and cool gift ideas for artists, whether it be an art student, painter, young artist, teenage artist, a painter, or just an artsy friend. There are also gifts for artists who draw, paint, sketch, and or just the artsy type. We have a ton of other categories on our site as well, so you might want to look at other pages other than just art gifts.Read More

6 Tips for Buying Art Gifts in 2018

1. Buy the artist a useful gift

Get the artist a present you know they’re going to use. Don’t buy them art supplies for a type of art they aren’t even into or something they already have. Something like the amazon echo speaker might not be a “art gift” but it is still a nifty little tool that they will get a ton of use out of. They will be able to play music, answer phone calls, or start audio books hands free by using their voice. Some more examples are things like the art themed watch, leather pencil pouch, or one of the unique mugs below. Paintings or decorations are also great gifts.

2. Buy the artist a unique gift

There are so many cool gifts for artists out there. Don’t get them something they could just go to the store and pick up. Get something that is unique to their interests. For example, if you know they like tea and coffee, don’t just get them a plain mug. A mug like the art history mug on the list below would be a much better gift for an art student or art enthusiast. Other good examples from the list below would be the paint brush vase and porcupine color pencil holder. These are things they won’t find in stores.

3. Learn kind of art are they into

There are various categories of art. If you know they are really into painting get them something that relates to their interests. If you know they are really into oil painting, then get them a unique oil painting like the frog with glasses below. It’s something they can hang on the wall of their home, office, or bedroom.

4. Consider the artists age

Age is an important thing to consider. If you’re looking for gifts for art gifts for kids or a gifts for a young artists, then something like the 3d pen or art desk on the list below would be great presents. If you need something a gift for a professional artist you might want to get them something like a draw pencil for their iPad so they can store all their sketches and artwork in one place. If you are looking for gifts for teenage artists then something like the paint rain poster or frog oil painting are great ideas.

5. Determine if there are any art supplies they need

If you know they are running low on a certain type of art supply they use a lot, then that would be a creative and cool gift for artists. If they use oil pastels a lot, but their pastel set is old and beat up, consider getting them a new high end one. Also try to think of things they haven’t even thought of. Something like the hand massage or a Bluetooth speaker are gifts for artists that they will use a ton. Another example would be if you know have a very basic apron for painting, consider getting one that is more art themed like the choose your weapon apron below.

If you are trying to decide what to get an artist for Christmas, a birthday, or for another occasion, take a look at the list of cool gift ideas for artists below!

6. Who is the Art Gift for?

Are you looking for art gifts for girls or guys? If you need a gift for a female artist then a unique gift like the heat reactive mug might be cool for them to use while they’re working. If you are looking for a gift for artsy girlfriends then you might even want to think about something funny like the hedgehog color pencil holder. Just take a look at the list and you will find tons of cool gifts artists will love.

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Paintbrush Vase

Paintbrush Vase

This cool paintbrush vase by Areaware was originally designed to hold brushes, but the creator then realized how pretty it would be to hold flowers, so now it comes with a class insert to hold water. It is an awesome decorative piece that any artist will be sure to love. white paintbrush vase Both of these ...

3D Art Pen for Kids

3D Art Pen for Kids

This paint brush vase by Areaware was originally designed to hold brushes, but the creator then realized how pretty it would be to hold flowers, so now it comes with a class insert to hold water. It is an awesome decorative piece that any artist will be sure to love. ...

Art Portfolio Book

Art Portfolio Book

An art portfolio book will all them to display all their best work in one safe place. It has a contemporary look, making it perfect for photographers, students, artists, or other professionals. It will allow them to safely store or travel with their work. To read more about this presentation book, just check out the ...

Portable Art Easel

Portable Art Easel

This portable art easel will allow the recipient to work on the go. It has 4 positions to work from depending on the type of work the artist is doing. It has a drawer with 3 compartments to hold accessories and art supplies. It is large enough to accommodate canvas up to 11 x 14 inches. ...

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

This hedgehog color pencil holder is great for anyone that’s into art, lightening up the desk, or a house display. It comes with a set of 24 color pencils. The holder itself measures 5” x 2.3” x 2”. The color pencils are 4 inches long.

Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner

Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner

This food cleaner is a cool looking product that your mom can place outside the door so visitors can clean any dust or dirt off their shoes before coming inside. There a lot of different models so if you don’t like the look of the hedgehog you can choose another look. We have a lot of other awesome and unique ...

Cool Art Gifts 2018 (Editor’s Top 5 Picks)

Here are my top 5 coolest gifts for artists in 2018. They are great as birthday, Christmas gifts, or for any occasion.

1. Paint Brush Holder Vase

If you’re looking for cool gifts for artists who paint, then the paint brush vase will surely be a home run. It is created by an award-winning designer named Harry Aleen. The vase is made of a strong resin in marble with a glass insert. It is available in both white and chrome.

2. Art Themed Watch

If you are looking for gifts for a teenage artist, artsy people, art students, girlfriend, or one of your artsy friends I think the art themed watch will be a home run. The actual watch dial is offset and the inside of the watch and is surrounded by various art supplies and painting materials. The watch has a high-quality quartz movement system that makes the watch very precise. The watch has a black leather strap that is comfortable and sharp looking.

3. Amazon Echo

The Echo speaker is a great gift for painters and or a useful present for artists to use while they’re working. Creating artwork often requires two hands. With the Echo they can play music, answer phone calls, and listen to audio books hands free. The amazon echo is great for any occasion. If you’re looking for birthday gifts or artists, the Echo might be just what you were looking for.

4. Color Pencil Puzzle

The color pencil is a super cool present for artists. The 1000-piece puzzle is a challenge to put together, but when it’s fully assembled it looks awesome. Once it’s done they can display the puzzle. The interlocking pieces are made from strong blue chipboard on recycled paper. The puzzle measures 24 x 30 inches when complete. The puzzle is great for art enthusiasts of all skill levels.

5. Robot pipe Lamp

The pipe lamp is a cool decorative and cool present for artists. Although it’s not quite as useful as some of the other presents on the list, it will be a cool decoration they can put in the room they typically create their art in. The lamp is super unique, and they will get lots of compliments. The pipe lamp is great for all types of artsy people, whether it be a young artist, art student, artsy friend, teenage artist, artsy girl, your girlfriend, or anyone on your shopping list! Thanks for visiting Home Run Gifts. Be sure to look over our other categories before you go.

This is just my top 5 picks, but all the presents on this list are great. If you have any questions about our category of cool gifts for artists 2018 let us know through the contact us form at the bottom of the page.