Unique Gifts for Doctors and Medical Students

Are you looking for unique gifts for doctors to say thank you for all their hard work, or a gift for recent medical school graduate? If so, you should be able to find something on our list of the 50 best doctor gifts below. We just updated the list to the 2018 edition, so whether you need something for doctors day, a thank you gift, a funny gift, something for a medical student, or even a gag gift you should be able to find something awesome below. Take a look at the gift guide below and our other categories before you go.Read More

Tips on Picking out Doctor Gifts

If you need a dr gift but don’t know where to start use this guide below!

1. Thank You Gifts

Getting a thank you gifts for a doctor is a wonderful way to show you appreciate all his or her work. If they have went above and beyond for you, it’s nice to get them something in return. You don’t have to get them anything expensive. Doctors make plenty of money, so inexpensive presents for doctors are often just as good. Something like the best doctor in the galaxy mug or a personalized wood pen would make great presents.

2. Personalized Gifts

Doctors like anything that says, “doctor then their last name.” They have put in a lot of work to get the title of Dr, so any of the unique gifts for doctors below or a quality personalized pen are some of the best gift ideas. If you are looking for gifts for an orthopedic doctor, consider one of the bone pens.

3. Something for the Doctors Office

Gifts for doctors office are also great. For example, the metal business card holder showing the patient and Dr would be great to decorate their office. Another example would be one of the clocks, pens with cases, the framed thank you poem, the doctor themed USB drive, EKG toilet paper, the syringe highlighter pens, or any of the bone pens, which he could give to his patients when they are filling out forms in his office. All of these are great gifts for physicians or doctors offices.

4. What type of Doctor?

If the Dr has a specialty, consider getting a present that relates to their specialty. Are they a surgeon, physician, orthopedic doctor, cardiologist, dermatologist (skin doctor), gastroenterologist, hematologist, oncologist, (eye doctor), pediatrician, or another type of doctor. An example would be, as I said before, one of the bone shaped pens on the list below for an orthopedic surgeon (bone doctor).

5. Funny Gifts

If you are looking for dr gifts to make them laugh a gag gift is always a good idea. Gag gifts or presents that are funny are also good things to get. Some examples on the list below would be the DR USB drive, the EKG toilet paper, the keep calm… wait not that calm mug, the x-ray oven mitt, or doctors needs shots too shot glass. If you have a good relationship with your doctor or he has a good personality this type of gift could make one of the best gifts for doctors.

6. Get Something Inexpensive and Unique

As I said before, cheap and inexpensive gifts are often just as good. Doctors usually have a lot of money, unless they just graduated medical school, then they are probably a half million dollars in debt. Anyway, if they really need something they will just buy it themselves, so try to pick out a present that they wouldn’t just buy themselves. The more unique and/or personalized the better.

7. Are they Still in Medical School?

If you need a gift a medical school student or a recent graduate, there are some good gift ideas on this list. Check out the “Trust me I’m almost a doctor mug” or one of the personalized items. If they are a recent grad they will like to see their last name displayed after DR…

That does it guide take a look at both pages below. Whether you need unique gifts for doctors office or just need something to say thank you should should be able to find some great medical gifts below!

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Stethoscope Heart Necklace

Stethoscope Heart Necklace

This stethoscope necklace with heart is made with stainless steel and is a unique nurse gift. It is a great present for medical students or anyone in the medical field. To see more pictures and all color options, click on the image above. There are few different designs we really like. You can pick them all up on ...

Best Gifts for Doctors in 2018 (Editor’s Picks)

1. Business Card Holder (Best for Drs Office)

If you’re looking for a unique gifts for doctors office then this business card holder is great. The relationship between doctor and patient is something that’s very important to most doctors. The piece is handcrafted with obsessive attention to detail. The piece measures about 6 inches tall and is made with high quality recycled steel. Makes a great gift for a new doctor or any Dr Be sure to look over both pages of presents, we have a lot of great items in the category gift ideas for doctors office.

2. Personalized Rosewood Pen with Case (Most Unique)

The personalized rosewood pen on our list has a sharp looking case made from high quality rosewood. The face of the case features the medical logo along with the Drs name and the letters they worked so hard for MD. If you are looking for gifts for physicians or medical providers this is an awesome gift idea.

3. Do Not Confuse Your Google Search Mug - Funny Gift

If you’re looking for funny presents for doctors this mug is a funny idea. Every patient thinks they know what’s wrong with them. Doctors are always hearing “I was reading online and…” People think they know more than Drs after just reading a few articles on the internet. This custom gift will be awesome for the doctor’s office. It’s both decorative and functional!

4. Dr USB Drive (Great for Physicians)

This is a funny gift for medical students and doctors. Choose between the male doctor or female doctor on the Amazon product page. The USB drive holds 16BG of data. It works with most major operating systems like windows 10, Mac OS 10.3, and more. There drive requires no software downloads, it works out of the box.

5. EKG Toilet Paper - Best Gag Gift

If you’re looking for gag gift for dogs this EKG toilet paper is a great idea. Drs are trained to read electro cardio graphs and look for irregular heart rhythms. Doctors can display this in the bathroom of their office or in the house and get a laugh out of it.

6. Trust me I’m Almost a Doctor - Best for Medical Students

I think the mug says it all here. If you’re looking for the best gifts for medical students I think this one is great. They can put some coffee in it and get some motivation as they’re studying for their finals.

Want to see more unique presents for doctors and/or medical students? Send us an email through the contact form on the main menu with more information about the recipient and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also look through our other categories.