Glass Pitcher with Fruit Infuser


A glass pitcher with fruit infuser is a handy way to get flavored water that is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. The BPA free acrylic pitcher has a removable vented infusion rod that can be filled with your favorite fruits and vegetables This is our favorite because it's BPA free and holds 1.5 liters of water.

We chose this pitcher because it has a sharp look and some great features. The lid is stainless steel to prevent any leakage, and the infusion core is made of BPA free plastic, so you can rest assured you’re actually drinking healthy water. Many less quality plastic pitchers are not BPA free. An infusion pitcher is a great way to drink more water and getting some added health benefits. The infusion core is also removable, so it can also be used as a stand alone pitcher for lemonade or other drinks.

Glass Water Pitcher with Fruit Infuser

Pitcher with Fruit in Middle

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Glass Pitcher with Fruit Infuser

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