Hilarious Pregnancy Shirt


This shirt is a funny gift to get someone you know that’s pregnant1 It’s also funny pregnancy announcement shirt! There are tanks and t-shirts available, so you can pick which ever one you think they will like best.

We were all told as kids not to eat watermelon seeds because they would grow inside our stomachs and makes us look pregnant. This hilarious pregnancy shirt is great to buy for the big announcement, or as a gift for pregnant or expecting mom.

There are some cool designs I found as etsy and some cool ones I found on Amazon. I’ll leave links to them or you can just search for them yourself.

Here is another shirt I think is funny.

Funny Pregnancy Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds Shirt

Be sure to read the descriptions carefully because all the sizes fit differently. If there is anything you would like to know leave questions in the comments.

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