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In my opinion, the Concept2 Model E is by far the best home row machine in the 1000 dollar price range you can buy in 2018. The Model D is a solid rower as well, but I will explain why I recommend the model E below. Concept rowers are great for many reasons, but most importantly they’re smooth, quiet, and well made. Although this machine is fairly expensive, most users say it was well worth the investment.

A rowing machine is one of the best ways to get a full body workout that is both effective and low impact. It is great for building aerobic power and muscular endurance. For many people, running or lifting weights is too hard on the joints. Having a at home row machine makes it easy to get a full body workout whenever time permits.

Concept 2 Model E Rower

What is the Difference Between the Model D and Model E Rower?

The most notable difference between the Model D and Model E indoor rowers is the seat height. The seat on the model E sits 20 inches off the ground, compared to the model D’s seat, which sits about 14 inches above the ground. The higher seat on the model E makes it easier to get on and off the machine.
The model E’s metal components have a glass finish, giving it a nicer look in my opinion. The monitor on the model E is fixed and longer. The E model also has a nickel-plated chain.

The Advanced PM 5 Monitor

he row machine is equipped with the performance 5 monitor. The monitor is the best part of the unit. The advanced monitor displays real time accurate data after each row. The intuitive design of the screen makes it simple and easy to use, even for people that aren’t tech savvy. The monitor is backlit, making the screen easier to read. If you want to track and record your progress, simply insert a USB flash drive and save your data. The model E has a longer monitor arm that makes it easy to reach the heart rate monitor. You can also buy a wireless heart rate monitor and sync it with the monitor to get track your heart rate in real time.

Best Indoor Rowing Machine

Other Key Features

The Concept 2 indoor rowing machine measures about 8 feet long by 2 feet wide, but requires a footprint on 9 x 4 feet, and has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.
The wheels on the rower make it easy to move around a room and reposition. When the machine is not in use, it can be broken down quickly (under 5 seconds) and stored.
The initial setup is easy and quick (many users say they assembled the unit in under 10 minutes) and easy.

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Best Home Row Machine 2018

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