Massive Teddy Bear


The Vercart Company makes this massive teddy bear in many sizes. The stuffed bear listed here measures 102 inches tall, which is over 8 feet tall! Makes for a funny Valentine’s day or birthday gift for her.

A giant stuffed animal is popular valentines or birthday gift, but kids love them as well. A huge teddy bear is a funny gift that she can use to decorate her room or apartment with. It’s made with a high-quality cotton material that is soft and fluffy. If you’re looking for a one a little smaller, you can also see another listing of a 5 foot teddy bear.

Really Big Stuffed Animal

The color of this bear is light brown with a slight orangish tint. This bear is seriously massive, and weighs over 18 pounds. Also available in other sizes, including 19, 39, 51, 63, 79, and 133 inches.

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Massive Stuffed Bear

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