Month Blocks for Baby Pictures


Month blocks for baby pictures are a great way for parents to keep track of their little one’s age and make for a great photo prop. There are three unique colors and styles to choose from. There are two number blocks and 1 rectangle blocks that show weeks, months, years, and grade. The company that makes them uses safe water-based paint that is safe for babies.

Baby age blocks are always a home run gift for newborn babies. They area great decoration for the babies room, and allow the parents to easily keep track of exactly how old their little one is. They are also great to place in the back of photos, so everyone knows exactly when the picture was taken. The solid wood blocks are made using water based and eco-friendly paints. This is a creative and unique gift for boys or girls, as the blocks come in colors for boys, girls, or unisex.

Wooden Baby Age Blocks

Baby Age Photo Blocks

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Month Blocks for Baby Pictures

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