Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas in 2018

If you’re looking for unique baby shower gifts in 2018 you’ve come to the right place. We just updated our 2018 list to help you find the PERFECT gift! There are presents for boys, girls, mom and dad, and unisex gifts if the gender is unknown. Also check out my post on newborn baby gifts, many presents in these categories overlap.Read More

Baby Shower Gift Guide, How to Choose a Present

The tips below are some good questions to ask yourself and consider before you decide on a gift. I have searched around picked out the best gift ideas. Many of these presents have similar themes and can paired together.

Is it a boy, girl, or an unknown?

Unless the baby’s gender is unknow, try to pick something boyish or girlish. Buy something that so when the parents are out in public with their baby people won’t have to ask if it’s a boy or girl. Color is usually a big give away. A lot of gifts of this list come in many colors. If you click on the product link you can select which ever you feel is most appropriate. There are also a lot of personalized gifts that allow you to have the baby’s name embroidered or engraved onto the item.

The time of year

Make sure the present fits the time of year or season. For example, If you are buying a baby blanket or clothes, make sure they are lightweight and breathable. If it is a winter baby, find gifts that are warm and cozy to keep the little one warm. If it’s around Christmas you could get a gift that fits the holiday, like a laser engraved personalized ornament.

What do they need?

If it’s the parents first baby then picking out a gift is really easy. There are a ton of essential items to care for a baby. Items like a car seat, bibs, blankets, feeding bottles, and a baby monitor are things that every new parent will need. You can ask to see if the parents have a list of things they need.

What will they need down the road?

The most common baby shower gifts will be things that the baby needs right away. Keep in mind that baby’s grow quickly and what they need changes month to month. Picking something out they can use in a year or 18 months down the road isn’t a bad idea. It’s a good way to avoid getting the parents a duplicate gift.

Consider pitching in on a group gift

A lot of the latest and greatest baby accessories are quite expensive. The parents will appreciate top of the line products, especially for things that will keep they baby safe, like a car seat. There are some items you don’t want to buy generic or just based off price. If you know other people going to the baby shower, ask them if they want to pitch in to get an expensive gift that the parents will love.

Check the parents wish list

When choosing between baby shower gift ideas, make sure you ask the person hosting the shower if the parents have a wish list. This is a good way to make sure you don’t pick out a present that the parents won’t use. If the parents to get a must have baby shower gift that’s on their wish list, they will have to buy it themselves. Getting them someone on their list reduces the financial burden of having a child.

Get something unique or personalized

There are so many unique baby shower gifts online, so don’t be lazy and just go to the store and buy something generic. Anything that has the baby’s name on it or is personalized the parents will cherish more.

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