36 Gifts for People with OCD (Clean Freaks and Organizers)

Are you trying to find the best gifts for people with OCD? If so, we have a great list of OCD gift ideas below. When choosing a present for someone who is obsessive compulsive, it’s ideal to find something that helps them escape, feel organized, or feel more in control.

On this list, we have awesome gifts for clean freaks, organization freaks, and anyone with OCD.

List of Gifts for People with OCD

1. Cutting Board with Storage Drawers

Bamboo Cutting Board With Trays and LIDS

A cutting board with storage drawers makes life in the kitchen a little bit easier. The bamboo wood surface has a great looking finish with a natural mineral treatment.

Having drawers and contains when cutting up vegetables, fruits, or even meats makes it very easy to keep things organized. Drawers pull out and easily slide back in. If you decide to switch locations while you’re working you can pick the board up and the drawers stay attached. The board has rubber feet on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around as your cutting. The board has three slots for prep contains.

The storage drawers measure 8.5 by 3.5 inches. The cutting board itself measures about 16 by 11 inches. This product has customers raving.

Read More or Buy on Amazon ($64.50 at the time of publication)

2. Cutting Board with Scale Built In

Cutting board with scale

A cutting board with a built in scale is a handy kitchen accessory. The scale is built in as a side drawer that is removable. This is nice because you can get the exact amount you want without having to remove the core food you are chopping up.

This a cutting board with removable scale is a great gift idea for any of the cooks in your life. The scale easily pulls out of the side drawer. The wood is made from high quality bamboo that looks great. The board has a cut in boarder to prevent liquids from running off. Most of the time you probably won’t use the scale, but it’s still a nice feature to have. The cutting board itself is top notch.

The scale is very accurate and can display grams or ounces. The scale has an LED display that gives precise readings up 5kg (11 pounds). The screen features one touch commands, low battery life warnings, auto shutoff, and more. With the boards automatic zeroing function prep time will be quicker than ever.

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3. OCD T Shirt

OCD T-Shirt

People with OCD like to organize things alphabetically and by size. This shirt does just that, and makes a great gift for someone with OCD. The shirt is designed to be fitted, comfortable, soft, and light.

The shirt is machine washable, but should be washed in cold water. When drying the shirt, be sure to tumble dry on low heat. The shirt should not be ironed.

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4. Mandoline Slicer

Adjustable mandoline slicer

This product has earned its title as a top rated mandoline slicer. Its unique patented design that makes it the only knob controlled fully adjustable mandoline vegetable and food slicer.

An adjustable mandolin kitchen tool is a handy tool that makes cutting and slicing fruits, vegetables, cheese, and other food items quick and easy. It is especially useful for slicing vegetables super thin. Along with making it easy to slice food thin it also saves a lot of time. Cutting vegetables super thin with a knife can be time consuming.

The German engineered blade of the mandoline is super sharp. The blade is made from 420 grade hardened surgical stainless steel. The machine is BPA free and made from reinforced ABS plastic. The machine is easy to wash and is dishwasher safe.

They company also sells another good slicer that is made from stainless steel. It is a little more expensive, but it comes with 5 inserts a blade guard and a lot of other great features. The machine also comes with cut resistant gloves, which just make slicing that much safer.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($25.97 at the time of publication)

5. Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle

Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle

Bath and Body Works sells a ton of great stress relief candles. Their eucalyptus spearmint candle is a best seller with great ratings. The candle’s highly concentrated fragrance oils quickly fill the room with a smooth, subtle, and pleasant scent. Eucalyptus is a little-known oil that is packed with health benefits, especially for those with stress or anxiety.

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Eucalyptus is an essential oil that has gained a lot of popularity lately due to its many beneficial properties for those with stress and anxiety.

This 3-wick candle has a diameter of about 4 inches and a height of about 3.5 inches. The estimated burn time is about 25 to 40 hours. You can buy one candle individually, or buy a 2, 3, or 4 pack.

A eucalyptus candle that is spearmint scented makes a great gift for anyone with stress, anxiety, or just someone who is a candle enthusiast.

What are Essential oils?

The main difference between essential oils and perfume oils is that essential oils are not artificially created in a lab. Essentials oils come from natural sources and are though to offer more than just a pleasant scent. Essential oil candles are an inexpensive and effective way to get the benefits of aromatherapy right at home.

Eucalyptus Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Essential oils are believed to affect the parts of the brain that responsible for making people feel anxious, stressed, depressed, and fearful. They are believed to send a signal to the limbic system, resulting in a relaxation response. In some studies, exposure to essential oils for one hour was found to decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

Eucalyptus Candles for Mental Exhaustion

Many users note that eucalyptus oil alleviates mental fatigue. Some believe it accomplishes this by acting as a vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels, and increasing blood flood to the brain. It seems odd that essential oils can both calm and stimulate the mind at the same time. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as adaptogens, because the can act differently or “adapt” depending on the body’s stress levels. This means someone who is feeling anxious may notice a calming effect, while someone who is feeling depressed and tired may feel an uplifting effect.

Eucalyptus is known to have a wide array of other beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, decongestant, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal properties.

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6. Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Invisible Floating Bookshelf

This invisible floating bookshelf has a hidden bracket that is seemingly invisible. It makes a great gift for any reader or anyone that could use a cool way to decorate their living space.

This floating shelf for books has a concealed bracket that will leave people wondering. It is rated to hold up to 15 pounds (about 8 inches of average sized books). It comes with all the hardware need to mount the bracket. The award-winning design was the winner of the annual Umbra-Pratt Institute design competition.

The shelf measures about 5.5 x 6 x 6.5 inches. There are other sizes available for smaller books.

The ARTORI company also makes many other unique floating shelves with cool designs, here is one I think looks awesome.

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7. Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror

Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror

A lockable free standing full-length jewelry cabinet with mirror is a handy tool that makes it easy to neatly display and organized jewelry all in one place. Inside the cabinet there are 6 drawers, 13 cosmetic compartments, 18 necklace hooks, 48 ring slots, 40 slant earring holes, 50 ear stud holes, a scarf rod, 4 earring wires, LED Lights, and more.

Gone are the days of having to dig through a jewelry box. A jewelry cabinet with mirror is a useful tool that makes it easy to neatly organize and display jewelry. The full-length mirror (over 5 feet long) allows the owner to see their entire outfit when getting ready. This mirror is available in both brown and white.

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8. Frozen Margarita, Daiquiri, and Pina Colada Machine

Frozen Margarita Machine

A Margaritaville Bahamas mixer is perfect for making pina coladas, frozen daiquiris, and frozen margaritas right at home. The no brain mixer makes it easy to add the perfect amount of each ingredient. It will be a big hit at parties or get togethers.

A frozen drink machine is perfect for making restaurant quality frozen margaritas, frozen daiquiris, and pina coladas right at home. Just add the ingredients into the blending jar and press start. The machine automatically adds the ice and mixes the drink perfectly. The drink machine machine has a 36-ounce blending jar that is dishwasher safe. It comes with a no brainer mixing tool (displayed in the picture below) that makes it easy to add the perfect amount of drink mix every time.

This gift will be a hit at family get togethers, barbecues, or parties. If you have the budget you could also throw in drink mixes or other ingredients, so they can user their frozen drink mixer right away.

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9. State Cutting Boards

State Shaped Cutting Boards

A lot of people have a ton of pride in the State they’re from or where they currently live, for this reason state cutting boards are great gift ideas. The company that makes these boards uses natural organic bamboo wood. They have cutting boards in the shape of all 50 states available.

These bamboo cutting boards shaped like states are made organic bamboo that is organically grown with no pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals, so you can rest assure no contaminants will be seeping into the food being cut. The boards are made in the USA.

Along with every state the company also sells some super cool cutting boards in the shape of the united states, and there are even state cutting boards and country shaped cutting boards that have destinations engraved on them. The company sells standard size boards, but they also sell large boards, just select XL.

If you know someone that has pride in their state or travels around this is definitely a home run gift idea. I have even seen many people own multiple cutting boards and they display them, showing everywhere they have lived.

The product dimensions vary in size depending on which state is selected, but just to give you a general idea of what size they are the Texas shaped board measures 14 inches by 13.375 inches.

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10. Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Robot Floor Mop and Vacuum

Where was this thing when we were kids and had to do chores… A robot vacuum and mop combo will make life a lot easier. With a programmable cleaning times and auto docking and charging you’ll sometimes forget why your floors are always spotless.

This robot vacuum cleaner has a damp mop and vacuum system leaves floors spotless. The robot has vision sensors that allow it to navigate around obstacles and prevent it from running into furniture. The sensors also prevent it from falling off stairs.

The robot automatically adjusts to what ever type of floor its working on, whether it be tile, laminate, hardwood, or another surface. The device can also be set to vacuum only mode so you can vacuum before you mop. The new motor is stronger than ever and has a max power mode that does a great job cleaning up pet air, dust, dirt, and other debris.

The robot vacuum and mop combo has a small, compact design, and slim design that allows it to go under objects where a lot of dirt tends to accumulate. The machine as a run time of up to 140 minutes. The larger wheels and self-rescue features make it so the robot won’t get stuck on bumps or uneven surfaces.

Read More or Buy on Amazon ($179.99 at the time of publication)

11. Garment Hanger and Steamer

Garment Hanger and Steamer

With the PureSteam XL fabric steamer, you can say good bye to time consuming and leaky irons. The unit heads in 45 seconds and the tank gives up to an hour of continuous steam.

This high-powered fabric steaming with a garment hanger and fabric brush removes wrinkles without all the hassles of using a conventional iron. It is ideal for things like clothing, bedding, curtains, upholstery, furniture, and more. Its ½ gallon tank is removable and provides up to 60 minutes of continuous steam.

Read More or Buy on Amazon ($59.99 at the time of publication)

12. Glass Pitcher with Fruit Infuser

Glass Pitcher with Fruit Infuser

A glass pitcher with fruit infuser is a handy way to get flavored water that is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. The BPA free acrylic pitcher has a removable vented infusion rod that can be filled with your favorite fruits and vegetables This is our favorite because it’s BPA free and holds 1.5 liters of water.

We chose this pitcher because it has a sharp look and some great features. The lid is stainless steel to prevent any leakage, and the infusion core is made of BPA free plastic, so you can rest assured you’re actually drinking healthy water. Many less quality plastic pitchers are not BPA free. An infusion pitcher is a great way to drink more water and getting some added health benefits. The infusion core is also removable, so it can also be used as a stand alone pitcher for lemonade or other drinks.

Read More or Buy on Amazon ($24.99 at the time of publication)

13. Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Automatic Ice Cream Maker

The Hamilton Beach 4-quart auto ice cream maker comes with 20 home run recipes. All they need to do is add their favorite ingredients and the machine does the rest!

This automatic ice-cream maker is a gift mom will love. It produces about 4 quarts of ice cream in 20 to 40 minutes. It is full automatic and doesn’t even require to maker to mix or sir. With the Hamilton Beach 68330N your mom will be able to make ice cream, custard, sherbet, and frozen yogurt.

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14. Glass Teapot with Coaster

Glass Teapot with Coaster

You need a gift for a tea lover, this tea infuser pot will surely be a home run gift! This thing has a ton of excellent features. The pot comes with a custom fit bamboo coaster and sharp looking gift box. The pot is microwave and dishwasher safe.

This Glass teapot makes a great mother’s day gift or birthday present. This no drip teapot comes with a stainless steel tea infuser and custom fit bamboo coaster. The stainless steel 304 food grade mesh infuser allows for complete tea submersion with all types of tea. The bamboo coaster is stylish and practical.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($42.99 at the time of publication)

15. Food Processor with Scraper

Good Food Processor

A food processor is a handy tool for chopping and pureeing fruits and vegetables. One notable feature about this unit is that it has a side scraper. The large chute is large enough to fit even large vegetables and cheese blocks. The main bowl, lids, and bowls can all we washed in the dishwasher.

A food processor is a great tool for mom to have around the kitchen. This 450-watt processor by Hamilton Beach will save your mom a lot of time. It has a bowl scraper, so she won’t have to remove the lid to scrape the edges of the bowl with a spatula.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($44.99 at the time of publication)

17. Heat Reactive Mug

Heat Reactive Mug

If you’re looking for a cool looking heat reactive mug then you’re in the right place. The company that makes this mug makes what are in my opinion the prettiest designs. The 16 ounce mug is perfect for coffee, tea, and other beverages.

This heat changing mug depicts a beautiful plum blossom tree when hot water is added. When the hot water is added the flowers change from a dark color to a bright vibrant red. Along with a cool design the mug also has a sharp looking curved body, smooth edge lip, and the size is perfect for everyday use.

To prevent the colors on the mug from fading it is recommended that the mug be hand washed. Makes a great gift for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or anyone that loves hot beverages.

They also sell a mug that has a super cool flower design. When the mug is cold the flower is dark, but when the hot water is added the flower on the mug turns to a bright red.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($18.99 at the time of publication)

18. Gourmet Ice Cream Delivery Gift

Gourmet Ice Cream Delivery Gift

In our opinion the eCreamery company has the best gourmet Ice cream delivery gift service out there. I first saw this product featured on Shark Tank in 2018. The company has a lot of great options you can choose from. Choose between standard tubs and flavors, or you can personalize the pint sized ice cream tubs with your personal message.

The eCreamery company’s home made ice cream and gelato is both creamy and delicious. The company uses high quality specialty ingredients, resulting in some seriously amazing flavors. The ice cream gift delivery comes with an assortment of great flavors great flavors like chocolate cake with brownie and fudge swirls, S’mores, and vanilla with a toffee crunch, and Mint cookie crunch with fudge swirls. This Ice cream was first seen on Shark Tank. Although the company didn’t get a deal, the company still had massive exposure and got the “Shark Tank effect” leading to massive success. It looks like the Sharks really missed out on a sweet deal!

The pints of ice cream and gelato are shipped in a reusable cooler packed with dry ice. The dry ice ensures the ice cream arrives perfectly frozen and ready to eat. The quality of the ice cream along with their excellent shipping service is why we rank eCreamery as the best mail order ice cream out there.

Read More or Buy From the eCreamery Website Here ($59.99 at the time of publication)

19. Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder

Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder

A panoramic anti squirrel bird feeder allows for multiple birds to feed at a time. We love this feeder because when a heavier animal like a squirrel climbs on it the weight will cause the seed ports to automatically close, making it totally squirrel proof. It is also a good way to prevent larger birds from stealing all the seed.

Along with having the locking seed ports this feeder has a lot of other great features like being chew proof, waterproof, rustproof, UV stabilized, and a patented ventilation system that allows moisture to get out of the feeder. This ventilation system allows seeds to stay fresh longer and prevents mold from building up inside the feeder after it rains.

You can adjust the weight of mechanism that closes the seed ports so you can set it to only allow a certain size bird from accessing the feeder, so if you’re targeting a certain species of bird like finch or cardinal this is a great feeder.

The feeder is about 5 inches wide and 21.5 inches tall. There are 4 perches, so birds can access the food from all sides. It holds up to 1.3 pounds of seed, so you won’t have to worry about constantly having to refill it.

Whether you’re buying this for yourself or as a gift it will be a home run. Everyone enjoys seeing beautiful birds close to their home. This feeder has great feeders and also prevents squirrels from stealing the seed.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($42.59 at the time of publication)

20. Stand Up Weed Puller

Stand up Garden Claw

With the Fiskars 3 stand up weed puller the user can get rid of pesky weeds without having to keep bending over or getting their hands dirty or cut on prickly weeds. The unit measures 39 inches long. The claws dig deep into the ground and get the roots of the weed so it won’t grow back.

If you’re looking for this best stand up weed puller, the Fiskars 3 Garden Weeder is a great option. It is ideal for removing invasive weeds without having to use toxic chemicals. The serrated stainless still claws dig into the soil and grab the roots of the weed, so you won’t have to be picking the same weed time and time again. The offset handle was included into the ergonomic design for improved function and comfort. It comes with a long 39 inch handle and the company is offering a lifetime warranty.

No matter where you live there are always a lot of invasive weeds. Many of them are extra pesky and some even have needles and thorns. The foot stomp makes it easy to get the claws into dirt even if it’s hard and dry. With a weed claw you can get under the roots and get rid of the weed for good.

Another import feature of this stand up weed puller is that it firmly grabs the weeds after they’re pulled so you can put them into a bucket, wheel barrel, or other storage device for disposal.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($42.99 at the time of publication)

21. Fruit Filter Water Bottle

Fruit Filter Water Bottle

We have been searching around for the best fruit filter water bottle. There are a ton on the market, but this page will cover why we thing this one is the best for the money. The core of the bottle has a compartment that fruit can be added to. The vitamins and flavors from the fruits or vegetables diffuse into the water, packing it with health benefits.

If you or someone you know is on a health kick a fruit infuser water bottle is a great. Drinking water naturally flavored with fruits and vegetables is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and sodas. There are a lot of bottles out there, but this one has a lot of features that set it apart, and it’s actually a lot cheaper than many inferior products. The most important thing to me is that it’s BPA free, so so you can rest assured there aren’t harmful plastics byproducts diffusing into your water. The infuser is also removable so she could also just use it as a stand-alone water bottle.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($13.99 at the time of publication)

22. Portable Solar Lantern

Portable Solar Lantern

The Solight Design company is well known for making some of the best solar lanterns on the market. A portable solar lantern is great way to generate clean and renewable energy for free. This on here is a best seller and can be flattened for easy transportation and storage. It is a bright LED lantern that can effectively light a room up to 100 square feet.

Although this light is small, it is still an effective lighting method that can light a 100 square foot room. It is super easy to use and provides clean, renewable solar energy. It is very lightweight (2.6 oz) and can be compressed to 0.25 inches, making it super easy to store. It has high, medium, and low power settings so you can even dim it for extended battery life. The lantern is made from a high quality water resistant and recyclable Pet.

The portable solar lantern recharges to 80 percent battery life after about 4.1 hours of direct sunlight. So even on days when it’s not super sunny the lantern will charge to full. The lantern is great for camping, boating, pools, gardens, hikers survival packs, or just to use around the home.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($39.90 at the time of publication)

23. Pressed Flowers in Glass Frame

Pressed Flowers in Glass Frame

If you’re looking for beautiful pressed flowers in a glass frame look no further! We have some great products here to show you that whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift it will absolutely be a home run. The company also allows you to send a personalized message along with the flowers if you’d like.

The first framed pressed flowers that we thing are great are available on etsy.com. The seller makes these beautiful pieces of art by hand. The 5×7 inch frame is filled with a collection of beautiful real flowers.

Here are a couple images of the pressed flowers in a glass frame. They make a great decoration for just about any room.

Alternative Options: There are also cool pressed flowers on Etsy that don’t have so much of an assortment of flowers, but more so one variety of flowers. You can see them below to decide which you like better.

Read More or Buy on ETSY Here ($32.00 at the time of publication)

24. Hummingbird Flower Feeder

HHummingbird Flower Feeder

Everyone finds enjoyment in watching hummingbirds, they’re awesome little creatures. This is a panoramic feeder that has many feeding holes so multiple hummingbirds can drink nectar at the same time.

Hummingbirds are one of the coolest animals out there and everyone loves seeing them. Your mom will love to look out and see all the little humming birds zipping around. This 32-ounce feeder is inexpensive, easy to clean, and easy to fill. This First Nature feeder is top quality and made in the US of A.

We have a lot of other awesome bird feeders on our website including one that prevents animals from stealing the feed, so look over our other categories before you go!

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($12.99 at the time of publication)

25. All Edge Brownie Pan

All Edge Brownie Pan

Looking for an all edge brownie pan that can produce endless amounts of chewie edges? If so, this pan is just what you’re looking from. The pan is nonstick and made from a durable aluminum. Designed to fit a standards size batch of brownies. Made in the USA and comes with a spatula and great brownie recipe.

This pan makes all edges that are perfectly cooked. The first time is saw this product was on Shark Tank. The edges are the best part of the brownie pan, but with the pan every slice is an edge. It’s a great gift for the home or parties. The Endless Edge Brownie Pan will surely be a home run gift!

I first saw this product on Shark Tank, here is the company’s pitch to the sharks.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($36.95 at the time of publication)

26. YETI Can Insulator

Yeti Beer Cooler Can

A YETI can insulator colster is a great way to keep drinks cold. YETI is notorious for making the highest quality coolers on the market, and this stainless steel colster is no exception. They took their state of the art technology and incorporated it into their drink coasters. Keeps drinks cooler than any other coaster on the market.

This is a home run present. This YETI Vacuum insulated stainless steel colster is double walled and vacuum insulated to keep beer and beverages cold longer. YETI is one of the best known cooler companies out there, so the recipient will know it is a high-quality product right away. It also has a no sweat design, so you won’t have to worry about wet or cold hands.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($24.99 at the time of publication)

27. High End Lip Balm

High End Lip Balm

If you’re looking for high end lip balm Beauty and Earth sells a great product that contains natural beeswax lip butter, vitamin e, and aloe vera. These ingredients promote healing and leave lips looking great. With this product you can say goodbye to chapped/cracked lips. The product is made in the USA.

If you need unique stocking stuffers for wife or moms, high end organic lip balm is something they won’t expect. The best part about this lip balm is that it is packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to promote healing, hydration, and overall lip health. They will love great and unique flavors like green tea, pomegranate, acai berry, and Asian pear. This chapstick is made with 100 percent USDA organic ingredients. It comes in a great looking package as well.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($9.99 at the time of publication)

28. Monthly Coffee Subscription Box

Monthly Coffee Subscription Box

MistoBox is one of my favorite monthly coffee subscription boxes that I first saw on the popular television show Shark Tank. It allows coffee enthusiasts to sample over 40 types of artisan coffee from smaller “mom and pop” shops. When the recipient finds a type they love, they can head back to the MistoBox website and order a full-size bag. You can choose between subscription lengths ranging from 1 to 12 months.

MistoBox is a popular Shark Tank product that allows you to choose between light, medium, and dark roast types. Or, you can let the gift recipient select their preferences.  You can also choose between several types of beans and decaf/regular. They also give you the option send a not along with your coffee subscription box.

You can also buy one of their coffee gift boxes right from amazon. The box comes with 2 6-ounce canisters of the company’s favorite coffees. They also throw in a sharp looking mug for free.

Americans alone consume over 400 million cups of coffee each day. For those who struggle with math, that’s 146 cups per year. It is typically consumed because coffee beans are a natural source of caffeine. If you need a gift for someone that loves coffee, you can’t go wrong with a monthly subscription from Mistobox.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($60 at the time of publication)

29. Monthly Tea Subscription Box

Monthly Tea Subscription Box

They will love getting a monthly tea subscription box delivered right to their door every month. Plum Deluxe has an organic tea of the month club that is great for any tea enthusiast.

For about $16 per month you can have two one-ounce packs (each pack makes about 15-20 cups) of organic tea delivered right to their door. One pack is a special tea, the other is a surprise signature blend, and they even throw in a sample of a third tea. Note: you can cancel subscription at anytime.

Or, for only $10 a month, you can have one ounce of a special tea (again, 15-20 cups) delivered to their door, along with a free sample of a 2nd tea.

Their organic teas are blended right in Portland, Oregon. Along with the monthly tea subscription boxes, they will get tea pairings, recipes, and brewing instructions. Another great thing is you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do note that teas from Plum Deluxe are loose leaf, so make the recipient has a tea infuser or strainer handy. They’re cheap, so if you don’t think they have one, you can pick an inexpensive infuser here on amazon and package it along with their first month’s box of tea.

Plum Deluxe teas are made with fresh organic leaves, and unlike many commercial teas, they aren’t store in a warehouse for extended periods of time.

So Why is Loose Leaf Tea Better?

Commercial tea bags from the store are often packed with low quality broken tea leaves and fannings. Small tea particles means there is a greater total surface area, which means more exposure to air, resulting in more essential oils (an important part of tea flavor and aroma) evaporating. Also, when steeped (soaked in water), tea bags often release more tannins than whole leaf teas, resulting in a bitter flavor. Steeping tea in its whole leaf form allows it to reach its full flavor potential.

Read More or Buy on Plum Deluxe Here ($16 at the time of publication)

30. Floating Bluetooth Speaker Light

Floating Bluetooth Speaker Light

A floating Bluetooth speaker light will be an awesome display piece or a useful little speaker they can take with them on the go. The Egg shaped toped is soft and squishy. It is a great light for reading, meditation, or yoga.

The Orb Harmony floating speaker with light is a great little speaker that doubles as a wireless light. The speaker is Bluetooth, meaning it easily syncs with phones and tablets to play music. It levitates using an invisible magnetic field. The company put thousands of man hours into assuring the orb was stable and not wobbly. The company made the orb floating speaker to compliment a laptop or table top.

The Orb comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The light can easily be charged from a traditional power outlet. The orb speaker doesn’t need to be near the base to work, so it can be as a standalone speaker and light when doing outdoor actives like camping. The brightness is adjustable, so you’ll be able to dim the light when getting ready for bed or just want a little light in a room.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($124.99 at the time of publication)

31. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

A sunrise simulator alarm clock is really a great gift idea for anyone. Besides from just being really cool it also helps your body to prepare to wake. For people that have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, an alarm clock that simulates sunrise will be a home run.

This is a cool alarm clock that simulates sunrise. The light gradually brightens from zero to 100 percent brightness over a 15, 30, or 60 minute period before it goes off, allowing your body to prepare to wake. You can choose between 10 brightness settings. For people that have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, an alarm clock that simulates sunrise will be a home run.

The lamp digital alarm clock has 7 lamp colors and many natural alarm sounds. The lamp is lit by small 18 LED bulbs can change between orange, indigo, blue, red, green, white, and purple.

The alarm comes with the clock itself, a USB cable to charge the alarm, a 5V/1A Adapter, and manual. This is a home run gift for anyone on your buying list.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($46.99 at the time of publication)

32. Vegan Bath Bomb Kit

Vegan Bath Bomb Kit

A vegan bath bomb kit by the Bubble Bath Company is a great gift idea for many of occasions. All they will need to do is place the bath bomb in the tub and enjoy the aromas and health benefits. Ingredients like Shea butter, clays, and essentials oils promote healing and healthy skin. Comes in a great box for gifting.

This USA vegan bath bomb kit is a great gift set. They are homemade in the USA with natural and ingredients. These are about golf ball size. They make for a great relaxation gift, as they give off a super great scent and provide the skin with healthy nutrient. For more information, or to read thousands of customer reviews, just click the image.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($17.99 at the time of publication)

33. Foot Massager with Heat

Foot Massager with Heat

A Beurer foot massager with heat offers a number of health benefits ranging from stress relief to muscular relaxation. It is a must have for anyone that has sore feet from standing for long periods of time. It has a lot of great features including massaging heads to penetrate deep into the muscle. It has two speed settings so they can set the device to whichever is most comfortable for the user.

This device is great for anyone who stands on their feet or has muscle cramps and/or pains. It has 18 rotating massage beads that rotate in opposite directions for a great deep foot massage. It has 2 speed modes she can choose from. Reflexology foot massages are known to have a number of health benefits including increased relation, improved blood circulation and a whole lot more. The massager is also great for anyone with plantar fasciitis from being on their feet for extended periods of time.

Read More or Buy on Amazon Here ($59.00 at the time of publication)

34. Dog Treat Dispenser with Camera

Dog Treat Dispenser with Camera

This little device by Furbo is hands down the best dog treat dispenser with camera. The full high definition camera (1080p) easily connects to Wifi, and allows dog owners to see their dog and toss them treats while they’re at work or away. The two-way audio allows pets and owners to interact anytime!

With the Furbo treat dispensing dog camera, dog owners won’t have to feel bad leaving their dog home alone. The full HD camera and two way audio system allows owners to interact with, and give their dog treats just by swiping on the screen of their smartphone using the Furbo phone application.

The Furbo phone application for IOS or Androids allows dog owners to see whats going on at home while they’re away, and can be set up to send notifications if the dog is barking.

To toss treats, all the user has to do is swipe on the screen. The Furbo treat dispenser for dogs can hold up to 100 treats.

The camera provides full high definition video display day or night. The wide angle (160 degree) has a 4x zoom feature. It can also be synced with Amazon Alexa, so users can tell Alexa to send their dog some treat every 2 hours, or whatever they’d like.

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35. Automatic Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Automatic Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Just hit the start button and this electric automatic loose leaf tea maker boils the water, brews, and perfectly steeps tea. It has a compact portable design making easy to transport and takes up less storage space when not in use.

With an automatic tea maker all you have to do is add water and your favorite tea blend to the BrewBasket and hit start. The machine has three programmed brew settings allowing the user to control the length of brew, creating a consistent strength of tea every time. The machine does everything including the water. It’s like a coffee maker designed for tea.

The stainless-steel strainer traps even the smallest tea leaf particles. With this automatic tea maker tea will last longer. It is also great for making coffee. There is also a fourth setting called refresh, which rinses the hydrates and rinses the tea before brewing.

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36. Comfy Heated Slippers

Comfy Heated Slippers

A pair of heated slippers is a home run Christmas or winter gift idea. The cream-colored slippers are made of a super soft, comfy, and high quality plush material. Also available in brown.

Intelex heated slippers make a great gift for both men and women. They are made using super high quality and soft fabrics. They are filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flow. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Click the image and read customer reviews to learn if this is the right gift idea for the person you’re buying for.

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OCD Gifts Buying Guide (2020)

If you’re trying to figure out what present to buy someone with OCD, reference the guide and list below. There are perfect gifts for clean freaks, neat freaks, and organizers. There are items on this for any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, or just because. The list has something for everyone on your list, whether it be men, women, friends, your boyfriend, or an ocd girlfriend.

Picking gifts for Clean Freaks

Finding gifts for clean freaks and gifts for organization freaks is easy because there are so many useful gadgets out there to make things cleaner and more organized. Aside from a useful gift, you could get them a funny gift like a T-shirt or mug with a funny saying on it. A couple of good presents for clean freaks are the robot vacuum or a steam mop.

Choosing Gifts for Organizers and Neat Freaks

Gifts for organizers and neat freaks kind of fall into the same category. When you see the right present on the list you’ll know right away if it’s right for someone that is OCD about being organized. A gift like the floating book shelf or jewelry cabinet that has a mirror. The mirror is useful and the inside of the stand keeps all their jewelry super organized. You could also get them a funny gift like a t-shirt with a quote about being super OCD or obsessing about being organized.

What is OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder that causes repeated thoughts, sensations, feelings, and engage in acts and behaviors because of their thoughts. Most people with OCD know their thoughts and feelings are irrational. Some examples of OCD behaviors are checking on this constantly, being afraid something isn’t perfect, counting or arranging everything symmetrically, or hoarding things.

Know What Causes Their OCD

If you know what triggers their OCD, you can find a gift specifically to help and possibly alleviate some of their symptoms. Some examples of obsessive behaviors would be worrying that the stove is on or worrying that they left their car unlocked.

Find Something that Alleviates their Symptoms.

Try to find items that can reassure them and prevent their compulsive urges to happen in the first place. For example, if you know they are constantly bothered that things aren’t perfectly organized or aligned, try to find them an organizer. Other good gifts would be things that just help them escape all together. For some people, things like video games help them escape. If you can find something that occupies their mind you free them from their obsessions. Take a look at the list of good gifts for people with OCD below.

Editors Picks (Top gift Ideas for Clean Freaks and Someone with OCD

Whether you need something for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, men, women, or just a friend you should be able to find something on this list. The gifts are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or really any occasion. Once you find the right present you’ll know. You can either go with something practical or something funny.

Robot Mop/Vacuum

If you need a present for clean freaks or a germaphobe a robot vacuum is a perfect present. The one on this list is top rated and it works on almost all surface types. They can program the robot to run when they are asleep. Every day they will wake up to perfectly clean floors, which is an OCD cleaners dream.

Invisible Book Shelf

An invisible book shelf will give them a little extra storage space and keep their books organized in style. The shelf on our list is rated to hold up to 15 pounds of standard sized books. The bracket on the back of the bookshelf is totally concealed, leaving everyone wonder how the books are staying suspended. There are also some funny book shelves that make it look like a man or women is holding the books up. Book shelves that

Cutting Board with Scale

A cutting board with a scale not only ensures they can weigh all their ingredients perfectly. Because the scale slides inside the cutting board it takes up less storage space and keeps things organized.

If you have any questions or need any more help finding gifts for clean freaks or people with OCD, feel free to send us an email through contact form. Also take a look at all our categories before you go because this list is small compared to the amount of items we have listed on our website.

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