30 Great 31st Birthday Ideas (2024 List)

Do you have a friend or family member approaching their 31st birthday? If yes, you’ll definitely want to plan something fun for their special day. There are many great 31st birthday ideas out there, and we actually decided to put together a long list of them for you.

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Simply scroll through this list and find some ideas that stand out to you.

List of Awesome 31st Birthday Party Ideas

1. Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting
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Wine and cheese are a good combination. Many love to have these two together. So, arranging a party with cheese and wine is a great idea.

Try to arrange as many types of cheese and wine for the party. You can check with your nearby winery to get some of the best wines. It will be a great experience for your guest to taste different cheese varieties and wine.

You can also consider preparing different dishes using cheese to make the party even more enjoyable.

2. Go Camping

Friends Sitting in Grass Near a Tent
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It will be a wonderful experience to spend some time with your family and best friends at the camping site. You can cook food for your guests. Take some drinks along with you.

Put a campfire at your camping site at night. You can make all your guests sit around this campfire. Plan some games or fun activities sitting around this campfire. It will be a memorable experience.

You can watch the beautiful stars at night. Make sure to select an excellent remote campsite. Also, ensure that there are no other camping groups nearby.

3. Horseback Riding Adventure

Friends on a horseback riding adventure
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You can also go horse riding on this special day. You must check with your guests in advance to ensure they enjoy horse riding.

When you choose a trail for horse riding, ensure it is scenic so that guests can enjoy their ride. Also, don’t choose any complex or tiring trails.

You must also arrange for food and beverages. It will be good if you can arrange it at halfway.

4. Go Skiing

Girls on a skiing trip
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If it is winter in your area with snowfall, it is good to ski with your friends and family on your 31st birthday.

First, you need to look for good skiing spots in your area. If there are no good spots in your place, you can even consider traveling with your guests to the popular skiing spots.

Make sure all the guest enjoys skiing. It is also a good idea to get a guide for skiing if there are newbies in your group.

You can arrange for the food and drinks after the skiing.

5. BBQ party

Friends setting up BBQ dinner
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Most people love barbeque. So, it will be a great idea to organize a BBQ party. You can easily organize one in your backyard.

Make sure to get the best quality meat for the party. It will be a good idea to have different types of barbeques. You must also arrange for drinks that go well with the barbeque.

You can even consider hiring a good chef who can prepare the barbeque for your guests.

6. Cook at Home party

Cook At Home Party
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It is not a bad idea to set up a cook-at-home party for your 31st birthday. Here, you can cook the food along with your guests.

This type of birthday party requires some planning. First, you need to check with your guest to know what dishes they are interested in cooking at the party.

You need to make the necessary arrangement for cooking before the guests arrive. You can arrange the drinks and beverages for the party from outside.

You can use your backyard to make the whole arrangement. Play some music during the cooking so that the guest can have a great time with the music.

7. Roller skating

Roller Skating
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If you and your friends enjoy roller skating, it is a good idea to organize a party along with roller skating.

You can book the entire roller skating area for your guests. It will ensure that no third-party persons are bombarding your party.

Roller skating will be a good experience for the guests, even if they do it for the first time.

You must also arrange for light snacks and drinks for the guests. It is also a good idea to play some music during the party. You can even consider carrying a Bluetooth speaker for playing music.

8. Book a Sporting event

Fans at a sports match
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It is also a good idea to book a good sporting event for all your guests on your 31st birthday. But, of course, you can execute this idea only if some good sporting event happens nearby your place on your birthday.

It can be football, tennis, cricket, rugby, or other sports. But make sure that the guests are also interested in that sport. Otherwise, it will be boring for them.

You can buy food and drinks for the guests at the sporting venue. Otherwise, you can arrange the food once the game ends.

9. Go Hiking

Five friends hiking together
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It is also a good idea to hike with your friends on your 31st birthday. You can choose any trail for hiking.

Make sure that the selected one is not too tough. Otherwise, the guests may not enjoy it.

In case all of your guests are very adventurous, you can go for a complicated trail. But make sure to hire a good guide. It is essential to ensure the safety of everyone.

After the hike, you can arrange an outdoor party with food and drinks. It will be a great memorable experience for everyone. This is a fun and creative 31st birthday idea that any outdoorsy type of person would enjoy.

10. Ice Cream party

An ice cream party works well if the guests are ladies with kids. You can arrange different flavors of ice cream for your guests.

Setting up a live ice cream counter for the guests is a good idea. You can also hire a chef to prepare live ice cream rolls. The kids in the group will definitely love these rolls.

You can make the party more exciting and livelier if you organize a small ice cream-making workshop for the guests. Ladies will definitely love to attend such a workshop.

11. Picnic

Friends at a picnic by the lake
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You can also consider organizing a picnic with your family and friends on your 31st birthday.

It is good to choose a picnic spot that is less crowded so that you can have a good time. Also, don’t opt for a far-off spot. Everyone will end up losing their energy in the travel alone if it is a distant spot.

You must carry the food and drinks for the picnic. It is a good idea to plan some fun games and activities. It will ensure that the guests also have a great time. Also, don’t forget to bring sheets so everyone can sit together.

12. Karaoke party

Guy friends singing karaoke
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If there are people who love to sing in your family and friends circle, you can arrange a karaoke party.

It is a good idea to check with your guests about the favorite songs they plan to sing on your birthday. Then, you can collect the karaoke for all these songs. In addition, it is a good idea to give some gifts to the best singers in the group.

Don’t forget to arrange a good dinner for your guests. It will be great if the dinner is arranged as a buffet.

13. Movie-Themed Costume party

It will be really fun if you can arrange a movie-themed costume party for your 31st birthday. First, you can check with your guests for their favorite movies. Thus, you can ask them to come dressed as one of their favorite characters from the movie.

You can give different movies for each of the families. It is a good idea to play the music of each of these movies at the party. It will make it more exciting.

Don’t forget to make arrangements for food and beverages. You can also consider hiring an excellent photographer to capture your family and friends in movie character outfits.

14. Hot and Cold Chocolate party

Chocolate Party
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Another great birthday party idea to try on your 31st birthday is the hot and cold chocolate party.

You can arrange hot and cold chocolate drinks for your guest. In addition, you can choose chocolate drinks with multiple flavors like caramel, hazelnut, butterscotch, etc.

You can arrange some light snacks that go well with these hot and cold chocolate drinks. Consider setting up a live counter in the party area to serve hot chocolates to guests.

15. Cookie party

Cookie Party
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Organizing a cookie party will be a great idea if you plan to celebrate her 31st birthday with her lady friends.

You can arrange different types of cookies for your guests. You must also arrange for beverages that go well with the cookies. Finally, you can play some music in the background to bring more energy to the event.

It will be good if you can arrange a small workshop on cookie making along with the party. Your guests will definitely love it. You can hire a cookie specialist to conduct this workshop.

16. Party at the Pool

DJ playing music at a pool party
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If your guests love swimming at the pool, you can set up your birthday party poolside.

You can rent a good pool space for your friends and family. If the group size is large, make sure to get a large pool.

You must also arrange for good snacks and drinks that the guests can enjoy.

The party at the pool will not be complete without pool games. So, arrange some good games so everyone can have a good time at the pool party.

17. Private Movie Screening

Private Movie Screening
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How about private movie time with your family and friends on your 31st birthday? You can set up everything at your home if the group size is small.

You can use a projector and Bluetooth speakers to play the movie. You can arrange sofas so the guests can sit and enjoy the movie.

If there are many people, it will be tough to accommodate everyone at your place. So, you can book an entire theatre for your guests.

You can make arrangements for snacks like popcorn, sandwiches, and drinks.

18. Go for a Photography Trip

Photography Roadtrip
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If your guests enjoy photography, you can take everyone on a good photography trip. You can go to any scenic places to do landscape photography.

If the interest is in other photography types like wildlife or birds, you can take them to a wildlife park or bird sanctuary. If any guests do not have a camera or lens, you can consider renting one.

You can carry the food and drinks with you. The other option is to make some arrangements on the way. Make sure that everyone enjoys the trip.

19. Tea party

Besties at a tea party
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You can consider organizing a tea party for your friends and family on this special day.

The tea will be in focus when it comes to the tea party. So, you need to serve the guests premium tea. You need to use very good cups and saucers for serving.

You must also serve some food along with the tea. For example, you can serve tea sandwiches. It is a popular snack served at tea parties.

Other snack options include cookies, kababs, biscuits, etc. Finally, you must decorate your place to complement the tea party theme.

20. Vegan party

Vegan Party
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If you and your guests are vegan, then the best idea for celebrating your 31st birthday party will be to throw a vegan party.

You can hire a chef who is good at making vegan dishes for the party. It will be a unique experience for the guests. You can ask the chef to prepare his best vegan dishes.

Some foods you can consider serving for the vegan party include crostini, bruschetta, rolls, edamame, and falafel.

You can go for the flatbread along with vegan dips. Tapenade, romesco, hummus, and baba ganoush are some of the popular choices when it comes to vegan dips.

21. Birding Trip

If your friend’s group is fond of birding, you can arrange a birding trip on your birthday. Don’t choose the regular birding spots.

You need to choose a birding destination that your friends have not visited. It will provide a unique experience for the guests.

You need to arrange for the food and drinks. It is a good idea to make the arrangements for food in a good spot around the birding area. Otherwise, you can even carry the drinks and food along with you.

Don’t forget to carry your binoculars and camera when you go birding.

22. Organize a Brunch party

Friends having brunch at a restaurant
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Brunch party is becoming the new trend nowadays. So, you can also consider hosting one for your 31st birthday.

It would be great if you could host brunch parties on covered rooftops. Then, you can arrange for some music during the party. It will make the brunch party come alive.

If it is a large group, you can hire a good chef to make the food for you. Don’t forget to decorate the brunch area.

You can also book brunch in any of your favorite restaurants for your guests.

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23. Bar Crawl

If you and your guest love to have drinks like beer, or whiskey, it will be good if you can arrange a bar crawl on this special.

You can take all your guests to multiple bars or pubs and taste drinks from all these pubs. This idea will work if all the guests are male and enjoy going to the bar.

It is a great way to celebrate your birthday. It is a good idea to inform all these bars about your visit and the number of people. It will help them to reserve a special area for your party.

24. Celebrate at Beach

Many people love going to the beach. You can also celebrate your birthday at the beach. It is a great idea to take your family and friends to the beach on your birthday.

You can arrange for some games at the beach to make the party more exciting. Also, make sure to arrange food for the guests at the beach.

It will be great to book any private area near the beach. You can play music here and enjoy the food with your friends and family.

25. Drive to Different Wineries

If everyone in your group loves wine, take them to different wineries for your birthday.

You can inform the wineries in advance about your arrival. They can arrange their premium wines for tasting. You can also request them to arrange some snacks that go well with the wine.

It will be a good opportunity for your friends to taste different types of wines. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. You can also ask the winery guys to play music to make it even more memorable.

26. Dance party

People dancing at the disco
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Celebrating your 31st birthday by dancing with your family and friends will take the party to the next level. It will be really fun, provided your guests are also interested in dancing.

You need to select a good theme for the dance party. It is a good idea to select the theme based on your music playlist.

You need to light up your space to provide the perfect environment where everyone can enjoy their dance. A dark place with colored lights will be a good option.

You must arrange for food and drinks for the guests. They can have it after the dance.

27. Classic Dinner party

The classic dinner party is another great way to celebrate your 31st birthday. Many love the classic dinner.

When you set up a classic dinner, you can also decorate the area in a classic style. Then, play some classical music in the area to give a perfect vibe to the guests.

You can either cook the dinner for the guest by yourself or hire a chef to prepare it for you. You can also serve some premium wine along with the dinner.

28. Retro Birthday party

Organizing a retro birthday party is another good idea. You can decorate your place with a retro-style theme. Play retro music during party time at night.

You can request your guests to come dressed in retro-style clothes. You can take the retro theme to the next level by capturing pictures of family and friends using a film camera.

The plates, cups, and other crockery used to serve food and drinks can also be retro-styled.

The guests will get really entertained with this retro birthday party.

29. Number “31” Theme for the party

You can make your birthday party more exciting and fun if you select your age “31” as the theme for the party.

You can use 31 candles on the birthday cake. The number of dishes for the party can be set to 31. You can print and hang your 31 pictures in the party area.

You can play your 31 favorite songs during the party. It is also a good idea to organize some games or fun activities related to number 31. Finally, decorate your place with the number 31.

30. Celebrate at your Favorite Destination

Everyone will have some favorite destinations. So, you can make your 31st birthday more memorable by celebrating it at your favorite destination.

Take your family and best friends to your favorite destination. You can make the necessary arrangements to celebrate over there.

If there are any activities that you like to do at your favorite place, you can arrange the same for your guests also. Thus, they can also have a memorable experience.

Don’t forget to arrange the best food and cuisines in that place for your birthday party.

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