57 Perfect Gifts for Female Friends (2023 List)

Getting a thoughtful gift for your friend can light up their world, and it can be something they remember for the rest of their lives. The gift doesn’t have to be a ridiculously expensive one; it can be something simple and heartfelt. The possibility is limitless, so we decided to help guide you by putting together a massive list of gifts for female friends.

Gifts for Female Friends Graphic

On this list, we’ve covered a huge selection of gifts, including personalized gifts, everyday items, tech gadgets, beauty products, fashion items, and more! So simply scroll through the list below and find some gifts that stand out to you.

List of Gift Ideas for Female Friends

1. Eucalyptus Stress Relief Candle

Aromatherapy Candle

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($22.84 at the time of publication)

Aromatherapy is a seemingly simple but still powerful way to release the tension in your body and release stress. This aromatherapy candle can also be used during yoga or meditation sessions, and it’s a great tool to inspire your friend to take care of their wellness and mental health. De-stressing and relaxation are often overlooked, and what better to remind your friend to take care of their body? Women always have a lot going on in their lives, and things can be stressful, so they’ll love a eucalyptus candle.

2. Personalized Mini Succulent

Personalized Mini Succulent

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($15.99 at the time of publication)

Another unique and special gift would be getting a little plant for your friend. This can make a thoughtful gift for those who want to have a pet but can’t for various reasons. Whether a big house or a cozy apartment, this mini-sized succulent fits everywhere perfectly. You can keep them on a desk, a bookshelf, or even on the window frame. The great part is, It requires low maintenance, so it would even be great for those who have never grown plants or are too busy to keep up with them. Your friend will think of you whenever they water the plant or watch the plant grow.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Essential Oils Diffuser

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($25.49 at the time of publication)

Diffusers and humidifiers are great tools to provide a calm and relaxing mood. This diffuser can act as both an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oil or just a humidifier. In our busy lives, it’s important to find time to rest and take a break. This diffuser will inspire your friend to meditate, relax, and take a deep breath. With advanced setting controls and mist settings, give your friend the gift of aromatherapy. Plus, it can double as a humidifier during the dry seasons of the year.

4. Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($18 at the time of publication)

Whether you are a child or an adult, a friendship bracelet is a timeless gift that represents togetherness and a bond. This friendship bracelet from Etsy has a minimalistic style that can easily go with an everyday outfit. It has a cute interlocking charm in the middle that symbolizes the strength of your friendship. When your friend is going through a difficult time, this bracelet will be a good reminder that no matter how far you are, you will always be there for your friend.

5. Alexa Echo Dot

Alexa Echo Dot

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($59.99 at the time of publication)

If you want a clock with a timer, a speaker, an alarm, and a weather function, this all-inclusive Alexa Echo Dot is the almighty clock you are looking for. This improved-sounding Echo Dot will recognize your voice and do as you command. You wouldn’t have to walk around or touch a panel to make it work. Just say, “Alexa, play a podcast.” In cases like cooking, taking a bath, or working on a project, you can simply call Alexa, and Alexa will help you with your directions. If you want to make your friend’s life easier and your budget is limited, this Alexa Echo Dot is the gift you are looking for.

6. Heated Blanket

Heated Blanket

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($41.99 at the time of publication)

Heated blankets add additional warmth, and during cold winter nights, these electric-heated blankets can make a world of difference. Heated blankets will allow you to curl up into a ball and stay super cozy indoors. Whether your friend is watching TV, movies, or gaming, this heated blanket will be the perfect companion for those chilly nights. And to make it even more accessible, they are controllable with a hand controller, and when it gets all stinky, you can just throw it into a washing machine without worrying about it breaking.

7. Infused Water Bottle

Infused Water Bottle

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($41.77 at the time of publication)

A normal water bottle is a kind of boring gift to give, especially to a good friend. So to make it more meaningful, an infused water bottle can be a simple little gift to any friends who are interested in wellness and health in general. They are compact, non-leaking water bottles that you can add a variety of ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This provides a way healthier alternative to popular electrolyte drinks and makes it much more nutritious than a normal cup of water. An infused water bottle will inspire your female friend to make healthy drinks!

8. Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouqet

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($44.99 at the time of publication)

Flowers are among the most popular options for couples and romantic dates, but why not give them as a friendship gift? Popular flowers like tulips and roses have a beautiful scent, and they will simply make a person’s day better. Depending on what your friend likes, you can mix up the flower bouquet and customize it with fresh seasonal flowers. Plus, you can even add a personalized note to show that you appreciate your friend.

9. Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($24.87 at the time of publication)

We all have a friend who loves animals and nature more than anything. Many times, it’s tricky to find a suitable gift for those friends. Well, a hummingbird feeder is certainly a creative gift choice that will put a smile on their face. This gift will act as a feeding station, and if you simply hang it outside on your porch, hummingbirds in your neighborhood will gather around the hummingbird feeder. You can also get an additional liquid or powder nectar! This is one of my personal favorite gifts for female friends.

10. Foot Massager

Foot Massager

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($139.99 at the time of publication)

After a long, hard day at work, a foot massage can be so soothing and relaxing. In fact, it’s already a very popular way to de-stress and just a satisfying experience in general. This high-tech foot massager comes with a handy remote control, and it can be used while watching your favorite TV shows. If you have any workaholic friends, this is the perfect gift for them. Give your female friend the gift of a warm, Shiatsu foot massage – they will thank you for it.

11. American-Made Windchime

American-made Windchime

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($125.98 at the time of publication)

These days, American-made manufacturing is making a comeback. What a great to support American small businesses by purchasing a meaningful American-made gift for your woman friend! This wind chime is a great addition to your porch, and they deliver rich and full tones in the key of E. If you have any friends living out in nature or have a nice country home, these windchimes will be a great gift.

12. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock With Nature Sounds

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($39.95 at the time of publication)

Humans are naturally used to the sun coming up slowly. This alarm clock actually mimics that by slowly increasing in brightness. Many people say that a sunrise alarm clock actually allows them to wake up feeling more relaxed and ready to take on the day. You can also find sunrise alarm clocks that have nature sounds to make the process of waking up even more relaxing and enjoyable.

13. Cookbook


Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($20.19 at the time of publication)

Cooking with a friend is always fun and gives unforgettable memory. From preparing all the ingredients to bringing the final dish to the table, every step of cooking delivers joy and happiness to you and your friend. This popular cookbook, tested by America’s best kitchen experts, provides various recipes – including simple meals like soup or stews to some fancy meals like meatloaf and even desserts. You can try out all these recipes with friends in your free time. It could be for a special occasion or for a party. You and your friend will build a tight bond while cooking delicious food.

14. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($49.99 at the time of publication)

For that clumsy and untidy friend who always loses their jewelry, this jewelry box is something they must have in their life. This jewelry box comes in a minimalistic and chic design. Also, there is transparent glass on top of the box, so it would be easier to find or organize the pieces. Your friend can place them on their vanity or dresser to facilitate the organizing process. Once they start to be tidy and organize their jewelry pieces, they won’t have to worry about losing them ever again. Your friend will keep their jewelry safe with this gifted jewelry box.

15. Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($12.99 at the time of publication)

A bubble bath is fun for all ages. It is relaxing and soothing. Plus, it’s fun to play with bubbles. If you have a friend who loves taking a bath instead of a shower, this bubble bath soap is something they need. This hypoallergenic bubble bath soap is safe to use for all ages, even for babies. Also, it’s lavender-scented; the lavender scent will make your friend feel at ease and relax stiff muscles.

16. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($129 at the time of publication)

Does your friend loves taking pictures and decorating their room with them? In that case, Polaroid Camera will be an impressive gift for your friend. This Polaroid camera enables you to capture every moment of your life, including birthday parties, road trips, and whatever special occasions are possible. Your friend will think of you while decorating their room with the picture. The best part is the camera comes with film. Your friend won’t have to worry about purchasing an extra set of the film before using the camera.

17. Smart Light Bulb

Smart Light Bulb

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($44.99 at the time of publication)

Waking up in the morning can be a little more difficult if you live in a basement or in a region where there is less light. Naturally, your body needs light to be awake in the morning. However, a lack of light might make your body think you woke up at night; therefore, your body feels sleepy and sluggish. This smart light bulb will turn on automatically as you set it, so you don’t have to worry about waking up. Even at dawn, you won’t have to worry about waking up because the light bulb will replace the sun and make you feel fully awake.

18. Stanley Stainless Steel Tumbler

Stanley Stainless Steel Tumbler

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($35 at the time of publication)

Being hydrated is something that is needed but hard to keep up. This eco-friendly and sustainable Stanley Stainless Steel Tumbler will help your friend to be hydrated and stay healthy. This tumbler provides various color and capacity options. It comes with a lid and straw that will prevent your friend from spilling your drinks all over the place or your favorite clothes when drinking outside. It can be for water, tea, coffee, and if your friend is a health guru, then smoothies as well. Another thing is the insulation keeps the drink hot or cold for hours. So your friend would be able to drink your iced coffee cold in the afternoon as well.

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19. Lush Relax Gift Set

Lush Relax Gift Set

Buy or Read More on Lush Here ($47 at the time of publication)

If you want to treat your day to a spa day but it’s somewhat out of your budget – this Lush Relax Gift Set could be a good alternative. This gift box contains a bath bomb, bubble bar, body lotion, and shower gel enriched in lavender scent. The beautiful purple hue of the products will make your friend’s skin silky and smooth, aside from relaxing all the stiff muscles and a little pain all over their body. If your friend has been wanting to try their products out, this will be a good chance for them to try and figure out if they like their stuff.

20. Birth Flower Personalized Journal

Birth Flower Personalized Journal

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($19.50 at the time of publication)

Journaling is a powerful self-improvement tool that helps you to channel your emotions into words, keep track of all the tasks with deadlines, and prioritize important things in your life. Although journaling itself is very helpful, choosing a journal can literally be a tedious and stressful job. This thoughtful and practical gift allows you to personalize the design of the general journal, such as color and font, and you can add the receiver’s and their birth month. It’s a huge plus if your friend loves flowers and is into plants. This would especially be a perfect gift for those writer and plant-lover friends.

21. Godiva Chocolate Gift Box

Godiva Chocolate Bar

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($59 at the time of publication)

Regardless of their age, everyone loves chocolate. A box of chocolate can always bring magic, just like a Christmas evening. This fancy Godiva assorted chocolate gift box offers their best-selling flavor – raspberry, caramel, dark, milk, and white chocolate. The gorgeous and elegant packaging is eye-catching, and not to mention that the chocolates are rich in flavor. Whenever your friend is having a bad day, a bite of chocolate will brighten up your friend’s day, bringing a smile and delight. It is also a perfect dessert when they crave something sweet and sugary. Nothing too much or too less.

22. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($49.99 at the time of publication)

Anxiety and stress play a huge role in our day-to-day life. Many of us are all stressed out from work, school, family, and friends, and sometimes the accumulated amount of stress takes a huge toll on your body, such as a breakdown, anxiety attack, and so on. A weighted blanket could alleviate the stress your friend is holding onto. This comfy and cozy weighted blanket will cover your body as someone hugs you. Covering this blanket around your body will make you super relaxed and chill instantaneously. Your friend will surely appreciate this calming and relaxing gift and will have a good night’s sleep.

23. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($21.99 at the time of publication)

Nowadays, phones have become an absolutely essential thing. We can’t go anywhere without our phones because everything we need is on our phones. A map, a wallet, and even car keys are on our phones. So not having enough phone battery can always cause a significant problem. A portable charger would be an especially helpful gift for a friend who always brings their chargers and is always on a low phone battery. The charger is also slim and small in size, so it will be handy to carry around it. Your friend won’t have to worry about finding a power outlet to charge their phone or not bringing their charger outside and getting stressed over it.

24. Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($39.99 at the time of publication)

If your friend loves taking a shower with music, this waterproof portable speaker will make a great gift for your friend. Your friend won’t have to put the phone volume at maximum or use the cup to amplify the volume and accidentally drop the cup and break the screen. Also, the perks of having a portable speaker are you can carry it to the bathroom for a shower, to a picnic, or anywhere you desire. With this speaker, you can blast the music and take a refreshing and energetic, or maybe relaxing shower – as long as it doesn’t interrupt your neighbors. If you’re searching for unique gifts for women friends that are also useful, you can’t go wrong with a speaker.

25. Asakuki Aroma Oil Diffuser

Aroma Oil Diffuser

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($25.99 at the time of publication)

Going along with the topic of relaxing gifts. This aroma oil diffuser makes a great cozy and homey present. When in distress, a relaxing aroma can help ease the pain and discomfort. This convenient aromatherapy device provides a little remote that you can control from a distance. It is perfect for different occasions – yoga, meditation, and a good night’s sleep. This product is also BPA-free, which means it is safe to use around pets and babies. Another good thing about this product is that this product last for a long time. Your friend will relax and unwind while having some peaceful and serene moments.

26. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Buy or Read More on BOSE Here ($279 at the time of publication)

These well-built and durable noise-canceling headphones are ideal for an everyday commute, a noisy cafe, or even when you’re at your family’s gathering and want to sit in a room and listen to music all by yourself. These Bose’s Best-selling headphones have an unbeatable noise-canceling system that is adjustable for the user. In addition, they have a remarkable sound system that is way ahead of the music market. Even if your friend is team Apple, these amazing quality headphones are hard not to like. Your friend will enjoy every single second of using these headphones, listening to their favorite music or podcast.

27. Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($49.99 at the time of publication)

An essential piece for a good night’s sleep would be sleeping with a good pillow. Sleeping with a pillow that does not support your neck can cause a migraine, stiff neck, and fatigue. This ergonomic memory foam pillow gives just the perfect amount of support your neck needs throughout the night. The memory foam adjusts and molds depending on how you sleep. Also, it comes with different height options. You can choose your preferred height for your pillow. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, this pillow will make you comfortable and feel well-rested.

28. Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble Tea Kit

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($20.99 at the time of publication)

Bubble tea is not just a beverage, especially amongst Asians – it’s a lifestyle. If your friend is addicted to bubble tea or also known as boba, this bubble tea kit would bring some joy to their day. They wouldn’t have to go out to the town to get boba. All they have to do is just preparing boba according to instructions, as the kit provides everything. I mean everything literally – they provide cups, straws, different flavors of syrups, and, last but not least, tapioca pearls. It’s also shelf-stable, so you can just store it on your shelves and pop it out whenever you’re craving boba, even at midnight when all the boba stores are closed.

29. Phone Safe Box

Phone Safe Box

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($69.99 at the time of publication)

A smartphone is very convenient yet very addicting. If your friend can’t take their eyes off their social media or takes a look at their phone whenever there is a new notification, this is a gift for them. Once you place your phone in this box and press the button, this box will lock your phone up until the timer is over. All you need to do is putting the phone in the box and set the timer – so simple and easy. It doesn’t have to be your phone – it can be a snack, a cigarette, or anything that can possibly distract you from whatever you are doing. If your friend wants some improvement in their life or focuses on their important tasks, they will appreciate this gift.

30. Porcelain Tea Sets

Porcelain Tea Sets

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($73.99 at the time of publication)

Do you have a friend who fancies a cup of tea? This fancy and elegant porcelain tea set will make you feel like your friend is a royal family in the British Empire. The tea set is an excellent way to decorate your home to look more luxurious and antique. It is functional and includes all the necessary utensils for a fun tea party. Additionally, this tea set is made for last – it is made with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality porcelain, hence durable. It would make a perfect gift for weddings, birthday parties, and special occasions.

31. Personalized Blanket

Personalized Blanket

Buy or Read More on Walmart Here ($44.96 at the time of publication)

A blanket is a must-have home decor item. You can simply throw it on your couch or place it on top of your bed. The fleecy and fluffy texture makes the home more snug and warm. If you want to make your blanket gift more special, you can gift them a customized blanket. You can add a favorite picture of their family, a pet, or something else. It would be a touching and heartwarming gift to give.

32. Car Neck Pillow

Car Neck Pillow

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($29.99 at the time of publication)

Driving for a long time can put lots of pressure, especially on your upper body. This car neck pillow will make driving much more comfy and relaxing. The memory foam cushioned neck pillow will provide sufficient support to reduce muscle strain and pressure on your neck. By giving enough support, you can maintain the correct posture, which prevents all the pain and brings comfort to your upper body while driving. On top of that, there is an adjustable neck strap. You can fasten it to your seat and ensure it does not cause discomfort from the car slip.

33. Bottle Compressor

Bottle Compressor

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($199.99 at the time of publication)

After a hard day of work, a glass of wine is something we need. Storing wine can be tricky at times. A wine compressor is something you need if you enjoy wine daily. This wine compressor has enough storage and removable racks to store all kinds of different bottles. It has UV light protection and temperature stability to keep the wine in the best condition possible and to lessen the damage to the flavor. Also, the touch control is easy-to-use. You wouldn’t have to go over the instructions in detail and google how to activate bottle compressors for an hour or so. A bottle of well-preserved wine will make your night even more special.

34. Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($7.99 at the time of publication)

A gift doesn’t always have to be something expensive. As long as you think of the person, it becomes a meaningful gift. These magnetic bookmarks are inexpensive and practical. They are aesthetically pleasing and protect you from ruining your books and documents. Also, not to mention that they are easy to use compared to conventional bookmarks. If your friend is working on a document or a book, maybe this would be a great gift to give.

35. Boardgame


Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($10.99 at the time of publication)

Continuing our inexpensive gift list, if your friend hosts a lot of parties or gatherings, giving your friend your favorite board game would be a great idea. When having a party, sometimes it’s better to have a game to play together. A board game is affordable and entertaining. Whether it’s just you and your friend or some other of your friends, you all can get along and have a great time together. It would make a great gift.

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36. Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set

Buy or Read More on Wine Here ($94.99 at the time of publication)

A decent bottle of wine always makes an ideal gift. If you want to have fun with your friend while drinking a glass of wine, this wine gift set is the gift you’re looking for. This gift set comes with different types of wine – the more, the merrier. You and your friend will have enough wine to talk through the night, talking about all the adventures you two had and laughing over some silly moments. If you have wanted to spend some time with your friend for a while, why don’t you bring this wine gift set and spend a fun night with your friends?

37. Luggage Set

Luggage Set

Buy or Read More on Samsonite Here ($399.99 at the time of publication)

Are you looking for something for your friend who loves traveling? Maybe it’s time to change her old luggage into new ones. If you love going on trips, I am sure you already know the importance of having sturdy luggage. This luggage set is not the cheapest option available, but they are long-lasting – the luggage is made with a polycarbonate material that does not break but bends. Also, the spacious interior with additional pockets will make packing more fun.

38. Makeup Set

Makeup Set

Buy or Read More on Sephora Here ($48 at the time of publication)

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with and dying to try different makeup products? If that is the case, a makeup set for your friend is an affordable gift option. This makeup set includes selected and varied products, so your friend can try it out and see what they like the most. Also, they are chosen and curated by Sephora, which is the biggest makeup store in the world. So it would be safe to go with their recommendations.

39. Perfume


Buy or Read More on Nordstrom Here ($155 at the time of publication)

A fresh-scented bottle of perfume is an excellent gift idea for your female friend. You can choose the bottle according to your friend’s preferences. The clean and revitalizing scent will make your friend’s day even brighter. They can spray it daily or on a special occasion to make their day more memorable. Maybe someone will ask them what perfume they used because it smells so good.

40. Chakra Stones Set

Chakra Stones Set

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($36 at the time of publication)

Adding to the topic of emotional well-being, spiritual well-being is another invisible yet important thing in our lives. If your friend is having a hard time recently and struggles with inner problems, this set of Chakra stones would be a great gift. This set of Chakra stones will balance your inner spirits and bring peace and relaxation. Each individual stone has a different meaning, so your friend will do a little research about spirituality and how it can impact them. By placing the stones near them, they will feel protected and safe. If you’re looking for unique gifts for a friend who is a woman, this is an excellent idea.

41. Self-care Cards

Self-care Cards

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($12.94 at the time of publication)

Having the right mindset and positive self-narration is so powerful. Shifting the way you think can impact your actions or even your life. This self-care card will change the way you think completely and help you become a more positive and confident individual. Through introspection with the cards, it will help you grow more mature and emotionally independent. If you care a lot about your friend and want to ensure their emotional well-being, why don’t you gift them this affordable yet effective set of cards?

42. Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace

Buy or Read More on Nordstrom Here ($90 at the time of publication)

For every astrology and horoscope-obsessed friend, this zodiac necklace will make the perfect gift to protect them spiritually and magically. They can wear the necklace every day so that if someone spontaneously asks what their sign is, they can proudly show it. Maybe you can have a little chit-chat with your friend while asking about their sign and have some fun learning about astrology.

43. Punch Needle DIY Kit

Punch Needle DIY Kit

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here ($15.75 at the time of publication)

If your friend is crafty and wants to spend some time trying out new stuff, why don’t you gift them this creative and fun punch needle beginner’s kit set? This set offers different styles that your friend can try out. It is also budget-friendly, so it won’t break your bank even if you choose to buy a few of them. The instruction is easy-to-follow, so your friend won’t spend hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to punch the needle. Once they finish, they will proudly send you a text message with a picture of their newly embroidered hoop.

44. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($93.54 at the time of publication)

A yoga mat is essential that we all need in our lives, whether it’s for a simple stretch or an hour-long yoga session. If you have a friend who enjoys home workouts, Pilates, or yoga, this quality yoga mat will make a great gift. This yoga mat is a quality piece that is responsibly made. The dense cushion will provide a sufficient amount of support for any sort of workout your friend desires to do. This is one of my favorite gift ideas for female friends who enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

45. Pajamas


Buy or Read More on Nordstrom Here ($98 at the time of publication)

Do you have a friend who always wears stretched-out and worn clothes for pajamas? If that is the case, a set of pajamas can be the gift you are looking for. A snug and comfy set of pajamas makes a good night’s sleep even better. You can wear them daily or on special occasions like a sleepover or pajama party. If your friend is fond of collecting pajamas, this set will make a great addition to their collection. If you want to make it more special, you can get matching pajamas to bond your friendship.

46. Home Candle

Home Candle

Buy or Read More on Nordstrom Here ($75 at the time of publication)

When you are focusing or trying to relax at home, having a specific scent around you will make you more undisturbed or calm. This elegant home candle will be a great addition to your friend’s place. Lighting the candle will make the warmth and lovely scent spread all over the place. It is a simple yet pleasant gift to give. Your friend will be delighted and light the candle whenever they need comfort or relaxation.

47. Hand Lettering Set

Hand Lettering Set

Buy or Read More on Target Here ($20.99 at the time of publication)

For your friend who loves making their own cards or writing quotes in calligraphy, how about giving them something useful and practical? This advanced hand lettering set includes several products that are needed for calligraphy or lettering. It includes graphite pencils, a kneaded eraser, and markers in varied sizes. Your friend can experiment with different lettering styles and practice with this essential but advanced set. Also, the quality of the pens is impeccable. Your friend will spend hours designing their cards or just practicing lettering.

48. Puzzles


Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($11.99 at the time of publication)

Summing up our reasonably priced gift list, a puzzle is something your friend can do in their downtime. Solving puzzles helps you improve your focus and use mental energy. It also distracts you from all the negative feelings. Each individual piece is randomly cut. Your friend can fully focus and be mindful while engaging in this enjoyable puzzle challenge. Also, the colors are vivid. It would be pleasant to the eyes as well.

49. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($184.72 at the time of publication)

Nothing can beat a nice hot cup of coffee on a groggy and sleepy morning. For those coffee addicts, coffee is not just an option – it’s a necessity. Even if your friend is not a coffee person, having a decent and sturdy coffee machine at home can come in handy, especially when there is a visitor. This popular Nespresso coffee machine provides different options – from espresso to latte. It is also convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is insert the capsule and wait for the coffee to be brewed. If your friend does not own a coffee machine yet and gets their morning coffee every day, they will absolutely love this gift.

50. Starbucks by Nespresso Variety Pack Coffee

Starbucks by Nespresso Variety Pack Coffee

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($33.85 at the time of publication)

Does your friend already own a Nespresso coffee machine? No problem, we got you covered. These Starbucks Nespresso coffee capsules will be an excellent gift for your friend. It is great to own a coffee machine; however, using single-serve capsules and replacing them every time can be tiresome. It would be a literal nightmare for your friend if they forgot to replenish the capsules and needed their coffee so badly. These Starbucks Nespresso capsules vary in flavor. So your friend can try out different flavors and stick to the one they love – or two. They also come in big numbers. Your friend won’t have to make a trip to the Nespresso store or place an order on Amazon for a while.

51. Kindle


Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($139.99 at the time of publication)

If you are a reader, you have probably heard of the Kindle, a light and handy device for reading to carry around. This tablet has enough storage to store all your favorite book collections. It’s also easy on your eyes with the adjustable warm light feature. In contrast to traditional paper books, the Kindle is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water on your book and getting it all wet. Plus, you can be more sustainable by buying books on Kindle instead of physical books.

52. nkbox Temporary Tattoo Kit

Inkbox Temporary Tattoo Kit

Buy or Read More on Inkbox Here ($89 at the time of publication)

If you have been wanting to get a matching tattoo with your friend but are too scared of the commitment or needle pain, this is your chance to get a matching tattoo with your friend. This Inkbox Tattoo Kit will make you and your friend tattoo artists. The kit is painless and semi-permanent, which lasts up to 4 weeks. So you won’t have to go through the pain and worry about having an issue with your friendship. It is also relatively cheaper than getting a real tattoo. You and your friend will have tons of fun getting a semi-permanent tattoo for each other. It’s a plus if your friend is artsy and loves tattoos and drawing!

53. Herman Miller Chair

Herman Miller Chair

Buy or Read More on Amazon Here ($705 at the time of publication)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the increase of home offices has increased, and therefore the furniture. Sitting on a chair for a long time can induce back pain, stiff neck, and headache. On the other hand, a good chair makes sitting so comfortable. This very known Herman Miller chair is suitable for long-time sitting. The adjustable arms and lumbar support pad will support your body adequately throughout. Undeniably, the price is out of most people’s budget; however, this chair is long-lasting and sturdy. If your friend suffers from sitting for a long time and wants a new chair, this chair would probably make the best gift.

54. Personalized Phone Case

Personal Phone Case

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Nowadays, phone cases are not only protecting your phone but also showing your identity and personality as an individual. A personalized phone case for your friend, including pictures of both of you, their favorite things, and their pet will be a memorable gift that your friend can carry on every day. This gift is affordable yet practical and valuable to your friend. They offer different phone options from iPhone to Samsung. If you want, you can also choose the tempered glass screen protector option to keep your phone more durable and safe.

55. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

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Security and safety prevention are undoubtedly crucial. A video doorbell is something you must have if you don’t have one. The video doorbell will send a notification if someone rings your doorbell. You can check from your phone which is visiting your house or ringing your doorbell. The video doorbell will ensure your safety from all unknown people. If you have a friend you care about and are worried about their security, this doorbell will make a great gift.

56. Garmin Watch

Garmin Vivoactive Watch

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One of the best gifts for those workout enthusiasts is a smartwatch. From a simple run outside your house to swimming, golfing, and all the different types of sports, this simple Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch will keep track of all your fitness activities. It has health monitoring features, meaning that the watch will look out for you for the sake of your health being. Also, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about immersing your watch in water and getting it broken. This is especially suitable for a runner friend since Garmin is popular amongst the runner’s community. Who knows if your runner friend has wanted a Garmin watch for a while?

57. Soda Stream Water Maker

Soda Stream Water Maker

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Drinking fizzy drinks is refreshing. As you gulp it through your throat, it gives the fizzy and sparkly feeling you enjoy. However, we certainly know they are not the healthiest choice. So for those soda lovers, Soda Stream provides an alternatively healthier and more beneficial option for your wallet. This Soda Stream will help you cut down on all the sugary drinks you love while saving some money. This can be a kickoff for your friend to start their healthy lifestyle journey.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this list. Let us know if you can think of any great gift ideas that we missed in the comments section below.

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