Anniversary Gifts by Year (Traditional and Modern)

Every successful year of marriage is a big milestone. And one of the most enjoyable things about marking the passage of time is the unique anniversary gift options. If you’re wondering what is the appropriate type of gift to get your spouse, we’ve put together a table that shows anniversary gifts by year.

Anniversary Gifts by Year Graphic

You may not know that in addition to the major benchmarks (5 years, 10 years, 20 years) there are traditions around gift-giving for every year of marriage. Read on to learn about anniversary gifts by year, including which traditions are related to that year and some gift ideas to surprise your spouse.

Here Are the Anniversary Gift Themes by Year

Anniversary YearTraditional GiftModern GiftColorGemstone
1stPaperClocksGold or YellowGold
3rdLeatherCrystal or GlassJade or WhitePearl
4thFruit or FlowersAppliancesBlue or GreenBlue Topaz
5thWoodSilverwareBlue, Pink or TurquoiseSapphire
6thIronWood ThingsPurple, White or TurquoiseAmethyst
7thCopper or WoolDesk SetsYellow or Off-WhiteOnyx
8thBronze or PotteryLinen or LaceBronzeTourmaline
9thWillow or PotteryLeatherTerracottaLapis Lazuli
10thAluminum or TinDiamond JewelrySilver or BlueDiamond
11thSteelFashion JewelryTurquoiseTurquoise
12thSilk or LinenPearlOyster WhiteJade
13thLaceTextiles or (Faux) FursWhiteCitrine
14thIvoryGold JewelryIvoryOpal
16thWaxSilver HollowareSilver or Emerald GreenPeridot
17thFurnitureFurniturelemony yellowCarnelian
18thPorcelainPorcelainBlueCat's Eye
20thChinaPlatinumEmerald GreenEmerald
25thSterling SilverSterling SilverSilverSilver
40thRubyRubyRuby RedRuby
45thSapphireSapphireBlue or RedSapphire
55thEmeraldEmeraldEmerald GreenAlexandrite
60thDiamondDiamondDiamond WhiteDiamond

1st Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

For the first year of marriage, paper is the traditional gift. Beautiful, handwritten cards and even scrolls, wall hangings or paper artwork aligns with this traditional option.

Modern 1st Anniversary Gift: Clocks

If you want to celebrate your first anniversary in a more modern way, there are plenty of novel printing techniques, intricate origami art and even lamps or boxes that are technically made from woven, folded or treated paper.

1st Anniversary Color: Gold or Yellow

The color for a first year is considered gold or yellow. It may be that you want to buy a paper gift with some metallic embossing to nod to this traditional color.

1st Anniversary Gemstone: Gold

Gold is considered the precious metal for a first year. Of course, there are some obvious gift choices in this, including jewelry, bookmarks, engraved gold items and small gold tokens.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

The second year of marriage is another early and important milestone. Traditionally, it is represented with cotton. Because it is such a versatile textile, cotton can be presented as a gift in many ways, with some traditional options being blankets, scarves, or knit items.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gift: China

To modernize the gift of cotton, you may consider buying a bundle of cotton flowers, some woven cotton plant holders or wall hangings or a tapestry.

2 Year Anniversary Color: Red

The color of the second year is red. This is a bright, bold color that can be brought into your gifts in a few fun ways, such as with a bunch of red flowers or tying another gift with a red ribbon.

2 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

Coordinating well with the color of the year, the gemstone for second anniversaries is garnet. While there are a few hues, red garnet is pretty common and an affordable option for jewelry.

3 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gift: Leather

For year three, the traditional gift is leather. Warm, rough, supple and secure, leather can be used in many kinds of gifts. You may opt for a leather-bound book, leather luggage or even a leather clothing accessory.

Modern 3rd Anniversary Gift: Crystal or Glass

Many people juxtapose the traditional leather option with something sparkly and beautiful: crystal or glass. These are the contemporary options for a modern third year anniversary gift.

3 Year Anniversary Color: Jade or White

The color associated with year three is white. This is chosen to represent the purity of true love and can obviously be incorporated into a gift pretty easily.

3 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl

The white of the third year color could be thoughtfully represented in the third year gemstone: pearls. Pearls are precious and can be artfully used in everything from floral arrangements to fine jewelry.

4 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gift: Fruit or Flowers

After four years together, anniversaries themselves start to become a tradition. The fourth year is traditionally celebrated with flowers or fruit. These blooming, live options are a great celebration and easy to buy.

Modern 4th Anniversary Gift: Appliances

If you want a more modern take, appliances are a good gift idea for the fourth year of marriage. This is a practical gift but a good opportunity to replace things that may have started to wear out after a few years together.

4 Year Anniversary Color: Blue or Green

Green and blue are the traditional colors for this celebration and work well with the gemstone.

4 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Blue Topaz

The gemstone for year four is a blue topaz. This gem is a beautiful, bright color and works well with many colors of metal for a thoughtful gift of jewelry.

5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift: Wood

For year five, wood is the traditionally celebrated item. Wood furniture, wood decor, wood wall hangings and even wood jewelry or accessories can all commemorate the occasion.

Modern 5th Anniversary Gift: Silverware

In contrast to wood, metal is used to celebrate the fifth year with a modern twist. Silverware is a common gift for year five.

5 Year Anniversary Color: Blue, Pink or Turquoise

Pink is a celebrated color for the fifth year of marriage. There are plenty of great floral, textile, fashion and sentimental gifts that can be offered up in this romantic shade.

5 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is the fifth year gemstone. It is a durable gem and usually a rich, deep blue color.

6 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 6th Anniversary Gift: Iron

By the sixth year of marriage, relationships have become tougher and stronger. This is celebrated by the traditional gift of iron. A nod to the strength of a six year bond, iron gifts can be playful, masculine or practical.

Modern 6th Anniversary Gift: Wood Things

Similar in sentiment to the strength of iron, wood is a more modern gift idea suggestive of durability and longevity. Wood plaques, carvings, trinket boxes and bookends are all good gift ideas.

6 Year Anniversary Color: Purple, White or Turquoise

Purple is the sixth year anniversary color. As a blend of blue and red, purple can hold a lot of symbolic meaning and is a unique color that can feel regal, celebratory and rich.

6 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Amethyst

In year six, the gemstone is amethyst. This gem is actually made from quartz and is usually a purple color with brown or white veins. You can buy amethysts in rock, as crystals or refined as gemstones.

7 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 7th Anniversary Gift: Copper or Wool

In the seventh year, couples celebrate with traditional gifts of wool or copper. Warm, conductive and important, both materials can make up some unique artistic or useful gifts.

Modern 7th Anniversary Gift: Desk Sets

To go modern, a desk set may be the ticket. Furniture is a gift that many couples use to mark the seventh year of marriage. It may be time to upgrade office furniture or any kind of tables or surfaces in your home.

7 Year Anniversary Color: Yellow or Off-White

Off-white or yellowish white is the color most associated with year seven. Think of a mid-morning sun that is barely tinted with bright yellow.

7 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Onyx

Seven year gemstone is onyx. This is a very hard stone that is often thought to represent harmonious living. It can be carved, giving a lot of options for gifts.

8 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift: Bronze or Pottery

In year eight, the traditional gift is pottery. This could also be a fun participation gift, with an experience like a pottery class or pottery painting night out.

Modern 8th Anniversary Gift: Linen or Lace

Linen is a great modern gift idea that can correspond to the handmade, organic feel of pottery. Opt for rich linens, dyed linens or some type of linen-covered gift.

8 Year Anniversary Color: Bronze

The color for year eight is bronze. A brownish-reddish metallic color can be featured in a bouquet of flowers, wrapping paper, textiles or the gift itself.

8 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline

The gemstone of year eight is tourmaline. Tourmaline is a multi-hued stone that is a compound mineral. You can find tourmaline that has ombre shades from green to yellow to pink, making it a super unique and fun gift for this year.

9 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 9th Anniversary Gift: Willow or Pottery

Pre-decade, the ninth year is celebrated with willow. This is a unique, flexible material that can be shaven into weavable strips or used to make cane items or furniture.

Modern 9th Anniversary Gift: Leather

The modern gift for the ninth year hearkens back to year three: leather. This may be a fun opportunity to indulge in dyed leather, a leather piece of furniture or an expensive leather pair of shoes or jacket.

9 Year Anniversary Color: Terracotta

Terracotta is the ninth year anniversary color. This is a warm, reddish brown and of the same name as baked clay.

9 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of year nine. In eastern traditions, Lapis Lazuli is used to balance energy and protect from danger.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift: Aluminum or Tin

Year 10 is a classically important wedding anniversary. To celebrate this decade of marriage, the traditional gift is tin or aluminum. These are rust-proof metals that symbolize enduring love.

Modern 10th Anniversary Gift: Diamond Jewelry

If you don’t want to buy a piece of hammered tin or can’t find an aluminum gift, a modern option would be diamonds. And, of course, who wouldn’t love that.

10 Year Anniversary Color: Silver or Blue

Silver is the 10th year anniversary color, which coordinates nicely with both the traditional option of metal and the modern option of diamonds.

10 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

As you may have predicted, the anniversary gemstone for year ten is diamonds. These don’t have to just be in jewelry but may be used in a variety of home accessories or precious, sentimental gifts.

11 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 11th Anniversary Gift: Steel

Once a couple has surpassed year ten, they are strong as steel. That’s why the traditional gift for year 11 is steel, as a token to an unbreakable relationship.

Modern 11th Anniversary Gift: Fashion Jewelry

For year 11, the modern go-to gift is fashion jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, hand-made, homemade: the possibilities are endless to provide something that is both sentimental and fashionable.

11 Year Anniversary Color: Turquoise

For 11 years, the anniversary color is turquoise, which is also this year’s anniversary gemstone.

11 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Turquoise

Turquoise is thought by some to ward off evil. Sometimes shaped into an eye or used in evil eye jewelry, it is protective and brings good fortune to the wearer. It is also inexpensive and can be featured in quirky, cool or offbeat jewelry.

12 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 12th Anniversary Gift: Silk or Linen

The 12th anniversary traditional gift is silk. Silk is a fine, natural fabric that can be used for clothing, bedsheets, robes, scarves and home decor.

Modern 12th Anniversary Gift: Pearl

For a modern take, the 12th year can be celebrated by pearl or pearl-like items. The idea is that of a treasure. Pearls may be cheeky and fun or fine and costly.

12 Year Anniversary Color: Oyster White

Oyster white is the anniversary color that, of course, perfectly describes natural pearls.

12 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Jade

Jade is the gemstone for the 12th year. Jade is a classically beautiful gemstone that can be used in jewelry, inlaid into furniture or appliances and even featured in windchimes or hair clips.

13 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 13th Anniversary Gift: Lace

For year 13, lace is the traditional gift. Lace can be given as a tablecloth, wall hanging, accessory or vintage style present.

Modern 13th Anniversary Gift: Textiles or (Faux) Furs

The 13 year modern gift idea is textiles, which just means fabrics. This could actually work well with a lace motif, as there are plenty of ways to screen print lace patterns or use the idea of lace in a more modern way in blankets, clothes or decor.

13 Year Anniversary Color: White

The 13 year color is called bright, neon yellow. This color is eye-poppingly bright and could be used in traditional or modern ways for everything from a new pair of shoes to beautifully designed stationary.

13 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Citrine

The gemstone for year 13 works well with the color and is called “Citrine.” While it isn’t the most commonly known gemstone, it looks awesome against silver or other metals.

14 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 14th Anniversary Gift: Ivory

The traditional gift for year 14 is ivory. Many people opt for imitation ivory or even gifts that depict elephants. In some eastern traditions, ivory is lucky.

Modern 14th Anniversary Gift: Gold Jewelry

For a modern 14 year gift, gold is the go-to. Yellow gold has had a trend resurgence in the last couple of years, but gold can also come in rose or white hues.

14 Year Anniversary Color: Ivory

The anniversary color for this year is also ivory, which can be mixed into any color palette is a nice, creamy neutral to use in cards, flowers, fashion, home accessories and any other gift.

14 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Opal

Year 14’s gemstone is opal. Opal is symbolic of passion, which is great for this many years of marriage, and a multicolor stone. It’s iridiscence looks beautiful in any color metal or inlaid into jewelry boxes or even small furniture pieces.

15 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift: Crystal

15 is a major mile marker for marriage and traditionally represented with crystal. Crystal is costly and precious and usually used for stemware or high-end home decor.

Modern 15th Anniversary Gift: Watches

For a modern take in a decade and a half of marriage, the gift choice is watches. Timepieces don’t have to be old-fashioned and may take the form of digital upgrades or smart watches.

15 Year Anniversary Color: Red

The 15 year anniversary color is bright, bold, passionate red. This is perfect for a big bunch of roses, a dashing scarf or a new sports car.

15 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

For equal drama, the 15 year gemstone is ruby. Rubies are bright red and glint beautifully.

16 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 16th Anniversary Gift: Wax

The 16th year of marriage is traditionally commemorated with wax. This has the obvious iteration of candles, which may be handmade, tapered, tealights and even screen printed with custom images.

Modern 16th Anniversary Gift: Silver Holloware

Modern gifts for year 16 are non utensil tableware. This can be silver bowls, silver trays, silver candlesticks, etc.

16 Year Anniversary Color: Silver or Emerald Green

The traditional color for year 16 goes well with the gift as it is silver. Silver is great for filgreeing or embossing paper or wood gifts and of course can show up in jewelry: cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, pins and more.

16 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Peridot

Peridot is the gem for this year. It is a green gem that may look neon green or a darker olive depending on the stone and cut.

17 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 17th Anniversary Gift: Furniture

17 years along, the traditional gift is furniture. Consider a well-made, handcrafted chair or a new set of bookcases. This is a significant purchase that represents the solidity of your marital bond.

Modern 17th Anniversary Gift: Furniture

Year 17’s modern gift is also furniture. A modern take may be something unique, like a repurposed wood headboard or a hand-carved coffee table.

17 Year Anniversary Color: Lemony yellow

The color for year 17 is classic, lemony yellow. A bunch of sunflowers or daisies, a handpainted vase or even a bright new journal may be a good way to gift this sunny shade.

17 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Carnelian

The gemstone for year 17 is Carnelian. It is thought to bring humor and joy.

18 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 18th Anniversary Gift: Porcelain

For the 18th year of marriage, the traditional gift is porcelain. Porcelain is both delicate and durable and often a gift that can be handed down to children and grandchildren.

Modern 18th Anniversary Gift: Porcelain

The modern gift for year 18 is also porcelain. For a modern twist, there are plenty of porcelain accents to everyday items (like handles, knobs and pulls) that make this gift practical and cool.

18 Year Anniversary Color: Blue

The anniversary color for year 18 is blue. Blue is a classic color that comes in plenty of shades and represents the peace of a still pool of water.

18 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

For year 18’s gemstone, look at Cat’s Eye. Cat’s Eye is a watchful stone that references the cut of a few different kinds of gemstones. When the rounded edge catches the light, it resembles a cat’s vertical pupil. This cool effect can be used for any number of jewelry or accessory purposes.

19 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 19th Anniversary Gift: Bronze

The 19th year traditional gift is bronze. This is the same as year 8 and is another reminder of the strength of the roots of your relationship.

Modern 19th Anniversary Gift: Bronze

Bronze is also the modern gift idea for year 19. Bronze can be given as pendants, sculptures, rings, bookends, vases, cufflinks and much more.

19 Year Anniversary Color:

Bronze is also the color for year 19. Consider the many ways this reddish brownish hue can be presented in gift wrappings, cards and custom metal gifts.

19 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Aquamarine

The gemstone for year 19 departs from the earthiness of the gift ideas and is called Aquamarine. It is thought to provide protection and hold affection.

20 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 20th Anniversary Gift: China

20 years is a classic wedding anniversary and often celebrated with a large party or even a trip. The traditional gift is china. China requires a great deal of skill and care to create and is often a treasured family heirloom. This may be the year to add to the family collection with a new piece.

Modern 20th Anniversary Gift: Platinum

For a modern 20 year anniversary gift, platinum is the right choice. Platinum is bright, durable and costly. Platinum gifts are often jewelry or accessories but could also be kitchen items or home decor.

20 Year Anniversary Color: Emerald Green

The anniversary color for year 20 is emerald green. This classy color can be used in contrast to the bright metals, incorporated into a gift of china or used in a completely different way to testify to your two decades of love.

20 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald

The gemstone for year 20 is the same as the color: Emerald. Emerald is considered to be a sacred stone. Emerald gifts can be classic (like a ring, necklace or cufflinks) or whimsical and offbeat (a tie pin, brooch or hair accessory).

25 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 25th Anniversary Gift: Sterling Silver

Jumping ahead a half decade, year 25 is truly a celebratory time in a marriage. With a quarter of a century behind you, it is traditional to give a sterling silver gift. The 25th year is referred to as the “silver anniversary.” There are plenty of ways to gift this, including the traditional options like necklaces, candleabras and clocks.

Modern 25th Anniversary Gift: Sterling Silver

Also sterling silver, a modern way to give this metal could be chains, shoehorns, jewelry boxes, windchime and sculptures. In some family traditions, a silver goblet (used in the wedding ceremony) is recreated in different ways for a modern take on the 25 year gift.

25 Year Anniversary Color: Silver

Year 25 sticks with the theme in a strong way. The anniversary color is also silver. It’s simple to either use silver entirely or nod to silver, with an accent, icon, filigree, embossing or embroidery that provides the color along with a gift.

25 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Silver

While not technically a gem, silver is the precious metal used in year 25. Silver is often used symbolically to represent clarity.

30 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift: Pearl

Celebrating three decades of marital love, year 30 is traditionally represented with a gift of pearls. Pearl has been used in other anniversaries but here may be presented in its most precious form (natural pearls) or in a high-end application, with an inlay into a treasured family item or piece of furniture.

Modern 30th Anniversary Gift: Diamond

The modern gift for year 30 is diamonds. Brilliant, beautiful and strong, diamonds are a great way to mark the passing of 30 years of marriage. Because they are so costly, diamonds are most often given as jewelry or accessories.

30 Year Anniversary Color: Green

The color for year 30 is green. Green symbolizes growth and can be represented in many vibrant shades. Green ribbon, wrapping, ink, patterns or even plants can be used to mark this tradition in this year.

30 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl

The gemstone for year 30 matches the traditional gift: pearls. Pearls can be natural, coming in black, white or even pinkish shades. They may also be dyed and used in more creative ways. However they are crafted or used, pearls are considered to be timeless.

35 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift: Coral

For year 35, coral is the traditional gift. Coral is believed to have healing powers or to shield from harm. This may be a less familiar gift but coral can be used in lamps, pottery, jewelry, sculptures and more.

Modern 35th Anniversary Gift: Jade

A modern 35 year anniversary gift is jade. Jade is considered to be lucky, with some cultures using jade bracelets or trinkets to ward off evil spirits. Jade is also very beautiful and represents wisdom.

35 Year Anniversary Color: Coral

The 35 year anniversary color is coral, which is a mesmerizing blend of pinks, oranges and reds. It is vibrant and punchy and great as an accent or dramatic as the main color in a gift item.

35 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald

The gemstone for year 35 is emerald. Emerald is used a few times as the traditionally given gem for an anniversary. This is because it symbolizes everlasting love in many different cultures and so has both the sentiment and vision of longevity and affection.

40 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 40th Anniversary Gift: Ruby

Four decades of marriage are truly worth celebrating in style. The traditional gift for this milestone is ruby. Rubies are gorgeous red gems that look like glittering flames in the light. The idea is an ever-burning love and the gift itself may be pendants, plaques pins or more with the precious gem or its color.

Modern 40th Anniversary Gift: Ruby

A modern gift for year 40 is also ruby. For a modern take, you may choose to appropriate the color itself and give something totally unique, like a customized family tree, a wedding day newsclipping matted with red, a set of engraved stemware or a ruby red sundial for the garden.

40 Year Anniversary Color: Red

The color for year 40 is also ruby red. This is applied in a myriad of ways, the most obvious being in floral arrangements, ribbons and wrapping paper or cards. Red can also be used for crystal sculptures, custom candles and commemorative sculptures or statuettes.

40 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

The year 40 gemstone is ruby. While ruby is popular in jewelry, such as necklaces or earrings or cufflinks, it is also beautiful in small trophies, non-traditional sculpted bouquets, hair pins, fine watches and more.

45 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 45th Anniversary Gift: Sapphire

Forty five years of marriage is truly an accomplishment, traditionally marked by sapphire. Sapphires are a royal gift of deep blue. Set in fine jewelry, sapphires are most often accompanied by diamonds and gold. The color sapphire can be used in any number of ways, from table settings to tapestries, to mark this wonderful occasion.

Modern 45th Anniversary Gift: Sapphire

The modern gift idea for 45 years is also sapphire. For a modern take, sapphire may show up custom lockets, on tableware, as part of a painting or piece of artwork or to wrap a bottle of perfume or liquor.

45 Year Anniversary Color: Blue or Red

There are actually two featured colors for this year: blue and red. Blue is a choice that corresponds seamlessly with the sapphire gifts. Red is a choice that contrasts it wonderfully and may provide a broader spectrum to work with. Many people don’t know about the very rare gem called red sapphire, which could be a wonderfully surprising gift for this celebration.

45 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

For year 45, the gemstone of Sapphire is preferred. Sapphires most commonly come in the traditional royal blue. They are a lovely, precious stone. As mentioned above, sapphires may also come in red, which would be a rarer and more unique way to give this traditional gem.

50 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gift: Gold

Five decades of love are traditionally commemorated with gifts of gold. Gold is one of the oldest and most desirable gifts that represent prosperity and wisdom. 50 years is often termed the “Golden Anniversary” and many of the themes around this celebrations will incorporate the fine metal.

Modern 50th Anniversary Gift: Gold

Modern gifts for year 50 also use gold. Gold gifts may use rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Getting the genuine thing may be important but there are also many alternatives and gold-coated items that can offset cost, especially if this theme is used widely in your gift giving or celebrations.

50 Year Anniversary Color: Gold

The color for year 50 is gold, most often yellow gold. A metallic gold color can be used to accent displays, emboss or filigree invitations or stationary, as a backdrop for photos or as part of a dress code or decor.

50 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Gold

While not a gemstone, 50 years stays true to theme by using gold as the precious item for gifts. Gold packaging, gold shoes, gold coins, gold plaques or statues, gold watches, gold clocks, gold-dipped roses, gold necklaces… there are infinite possibilities to celebrate with this precious metal.

55 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 55th Anniversary Gift: Emerald

Year 55 is truly an amazing accomplishment, traditionally marked with gifts of emerald. As it has been used before, emerald is perhaps most significant this far along in a marriage. True love and lifelong affection are signified by this gem and the theme will run throughout this years’ anniversary gifts.

Modern 55th Anniversary Gift: Emerald

Modern gift ideas for year 55 are also emerald. Emerald looks great with gold, silver or black and so is used in both classic and modern jewelry for men and women. This is a good year to order bespoke items and custom fine jewelry that can be passed onto future generations.

55 Year Anniversary Color: Emerald Green

Emerald may be used in champagne flutes, sundials, sculptures, inlaid into vases, to cover soft leather-bound journals, in commemorative plaques or wall-hangings, in cufflinks and embroidered into pillows. There are plenty of possibilities to use this rich, dark green color in gifts.

55 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Alexandrite

Surprisingly, year 55 doesn’t feature emerald but rather Alexandrite. Alexandrite is considered to bring prosperity and provides a unique option for gifts. The colors vary from dark green to dark purple and often look iridescent or incandescent, depending on the original gem and cut.

60 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 40th Anniversary Gift: Diamond

Diamonds are the gift to give when you’ve had six wonderful decades together. This remarkable accomplishment is marked by extravagant gifts of the finest quality. Representative of inestimable strength and enduring love, diamond gifts for the sixtieth year should be unique, thoughtful and worthy of the occasion.

Modern 60th Anniversary Gift: Diamond

The modern gift for year 60 is also diamonds. Even while giving this important occasion its due, some quirkiness or a unique take can be applied. For instance, diamond gifts can include diamond printed duvets, diamond-shaped crystals, diamond and glass figurines and diamond in colored gold or paired with unusual metals.

60 Year Anniversary Color: Diamond White

Year 60 is marked by bright white. Hearkening back to the traditional color scheme of a wedding day, crisp and unstained white represent the brightness of love as it improves through the years. White is simple to include in decor, tablescapes, clothing, shoes and gifts.

60 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

The gemstone for year 60 is, of course, diamonds. The indestructible nature of sixty years of love are celebrated with diamond pendants, diamond cufflinks, diamond rings, diamond earrings and diamond necklaces. All of the extravagant gifts are meant to hint at the immeasurable worth of enduring love.


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