40 Great 35th Birthday Ideas (2024 List)

Are you looking for some creative 35th birthday ideas? If yes, you have come to the right place. The 35th year of life is a special one, so it’s important that you celebrate it in a special way.

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Simply scroll through this list and pick out some ideas that stand out to you. No idea is really better than the others because it really just depends on the personality of the person whose birthday it is.

List of Fun Ideas to Celebrate 35th Birthdays

1. Wine Tasting with Family & Friends

Friends tasting wine at home
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One of the best party ideas for your 35th birthday is to organize a wine tasting with your family and friends. As you know, wine gets tastier when it is aged.

You can arrange for some fancy aged wines at your place and invite your friends and family members. The other option is to take everyone to a well-known winery and taste their famous and the best ones. If the group is large, the second option will be really good.

The wine-tasting party will be the best if you and your friends enjoy wine.

2. Barbeque party

Friends toast at the BBQ
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Most people love barbeque. If you and your friends belong to the same category, you can consider hosting a BBQ party for your 35th birthday.

If it is a small group, you can host the BBQ party in your backyard and make it yourself. For a large group, you can consider hiring a BBQ specialist chef who can make different types of barbeque for your guests.

Don’t forget to arrange drinks along with the BBQ. If you are a food lover, you will definitely enjoy this party.

3. Party at the Beach

Friends partying at the beach
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Beach lovers will never want to miss a beach party. Dance and music can make the birthday party at the beach more interesting. You can arrange for fire pits near the beach side for cooking food for the guests.

It is a good idea to ask your guest to dress up in shades of blue and white for the beach party. If you have any particular dress theme in mind, you can share that with the guests.

Don’t miss arranging a Bonfire at night for the guests. It helps to provide the best ambiance for the beach party at night. It is going to be a really memorable night for everyone.

4. Masquerade Party

Classy women at the masquerade party
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If you plan to invite lots of people to the birthday party, the masquerade party will be an excellent idea. You can request the guest to come in their best attire with a mask.

The masquerade party can be more impressive when you add appropriate music to the event. Also, don’t forget to serve good snacks for the guests.

Also, it is a good idea to get a good photographer to capture some fun-filled images with the masks.

5. Movie Theatre Party

Friends at a movie theater
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There are different ways you can organize a movie party for your birthday. You can book an entire theatre for your family and friends. Otherwise, you can do it inside the house or outside with a projector setup.

For large groups, I recommend booking an entire theatre. It will help to give a perfect theatrical experience to the guests.

You must also arrange for refreshing drinks, popcorn, and sandwiches.

If you plan to organize the movie theatre party at your place, you must arrange comfy seats for your guests to enjoy the movie.

6. Destination Birthday party

Friends arrive at the destination
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If you are interested in celebrating your 35th birthday really big, you can arrange a destination birthday party. If you are fond of traveling, it will be an excellent idea.

You can book a resort or hotel at your favorite place for the party. You can choose a far-off place where you need to travel a lot or a nearby place.

If you plan to go ahead with this birthday party idea, you must also discuss it with your friends and family to understand how far they are ready to travel and attend.

7. Halloween Birthday party

Halloween themed birthday party
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Organizing a Halloween birthday party is another good idea, especially if your birthday is coming in October or November.

You can ask your guests to come in Halloween costumes.

You need to bring the Halloween theme to the food, also. Decorate your place with Halloween-themed decorations. Don’t forget to use Halloween pumpkins.

8. Spa Party

Girls drink orange juice at the spa
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Who doesn’t love to relax and enjoy a good spa? Your guests will definitely love it.

You can set up a spa corner in your birthday party area. Guests can enjoy the pedicure, manicure, sheet masks, and massages.

In addition, you can arrange for some snacks and drinks that they can enjoy along with the spa. It will be a good idea if you can make them watch a movie during the spa.

You can surprise your friends and family members with this spa party idea.

9. Cocktail party

Friends having fun at the cocktail party
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You can also consider hosting a cocktail party on your 35th birthday. For the cocktail party, you need to hire a good bartender for the cocktails. You can ask him to serve your guests some of the best cocktails.

To make the party even more interesting, you can consider arranging a small workshop where the bartender will teach the guests to prepare cocktails.

Many would love to attend such workshops. Believe me, it is going to be really fun.

10. Massive Picnic

Massive Picnic
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You can also arrange a massive picnic with your whole family and friends at any of your favorite spots. You need to select the spot in such a way that it can accommodate everyone.

Also, you need to get all the food, snacks, and drinks. It will be a good idea if you can organize some fun games and activities at the picnic. It will ensure that everyone in the group gets entertained.

You must also carry multiple blankets so that everyone can sit and relax. It is also a good idea to play some music in the picnic spot. So, don’t forget to carry a Bluetooth speaker with you.

11. Pizza party

Laughter at the pizza party
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Another great idea to celebrate your 35th birthday is to host a pizza party. You can order the pizzas or make them live according to the group size.

If there are lots of guests, you can make the event more enjoyable by conducting a live pizza workshop along with the party.

You can hire a chef to teach your guests to make mini pizzas. Then, it will be more entertaining for the guests.

12. Poolside Party

If your group of friends and family members love the pool and pool-related activities, it is best to organize a poolside party.

If the group is large, you can consider renting a big pool at a resort. You must arrange for all the drinks and snacks for the guests.

Don’t forget to get the toys to make the pool party more eventful. You can also get the SPF cream and a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the time in the pool.

13. Birthday Brunch

Men having brunch
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Many people nowadays are used to the brunch culture. If you are also in this group, then a birthday brunch party will be a good idea.

You can organize a buffet brunch for your friends and family. Make sure to cover all the regular and special items on the menu.

You can even consider booking the entire brunch service of a hotel if you have a large group of guests.

14. Potluck

A potluck birthday celebration demands each guest to bring some dish for the party. Therefore, you can go for a potluck only if the guests you invite are also ready to get the dish for you.

If most guests bring the same dish, it will be a disaster. To avoid that, you need to tell each guest to bring a particular dish according to their choice.

It is also a good idea to make the main course by yourself and get only the side dishes, snacks, and drinks from the guests.

15. Beer Tasting

Friends toast with beer glasses
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You can collect beers from all the famous breweries and arrange a beer tasting for your birthday party.

If your guests are beer lovers, they will definitely love it. You must also arrange snacks that can go well with the beer.

You can also take the guests to the famous brewery for beer tasting.

16. Hot Spring party

Girl enjoying hot springs
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You can select a hot spring pool and host your birthday party over there. It will be a great way to relax with your friends and family.

You can book a private hot spring. Make sure that only your guests are present at the hot sprint during the party. You must also arrange for some light snacks and drinks.

17. Slumber party

Girlfriends conversing in the bedroom
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Organizing a slumber party would be a great idea for your 35th birthday. It will take you back to the time when you guys were kids.

You can spend your night time with your family and friends playing games, discussing topics, eating, etc. The slumber party will be really effective if your guests are close friends.

Make sure to arrange good food and drinks for your guests.

18. Cruise party

You can also consider arranging a cruise birthday party. It will definitely make your 35th birthday celebration really special.

When you book a cruise for your birthday, make sure to book it fully for your guests. It will not look good if unknown people come to the party.

When you make a group booking, you can also get it at a discounted price. You can also arrange live music on the cruise to make it more exciting.

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19. Party with Karaoke

Singing karaoke songs at home
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A karaoke birthday party will provide a good opportunity for your guests to take the center stage and sing to different tunes.

If your family and friends love to sing music, you can consider this idea. You can also give gifts to the best singers. It will make the night more memorable for everyone.

You can also arrange some exciting games along with it.

20. Road trip

Girls travel in a vintage car
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If you are a person who loves to hit the road, then arranging a road trip with your friends and family will be a good idea.

Road trip celebration is really good for small groups. Make sure all your friends and family members are in one vehicle for the trip.

It will be a good idea to go to your favorite spot for food and drinks during the trip.

21. Jewelry Making party

If you are a lady who wants to celebrate her 35th birthday with her lady friends, organizing a jewelry-making party will be a great idea.

All women love jewelry. So, if you can organize a small workshop on jewelry making for your guests, it will be very interesting.

You can hire an experienced jewelry maker who can teach basic skills to all the guests.

22. Video Game Tournament

You would have played lots of video games when you were a kid. You can take yourself back in time by organizing a video game tournament for your birthday party. This birthday party idea works for small groups.

It will be really fun to play video games with your friends. You can pick any of the gaming consoles. Don’t forget to get your favorite games also.

You must also arrange good snacks and drinks that go well with playing video games.

23. Luau party

Hawaiian Party
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Hosting a Hawaiian luau party can make your 35th birthday more memorable. It Is a fun way to celebrate any occasion.

Luau party is a feast with entertainment. You can arrange for some good Hawaiian dishes.

You can decorate your place according to the Hawaiian theme. It will help to bring more vibe. You can play Hawaiian music and dance to the song during the party.

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24. Costume party

It will be fun if you can arrange a costume party for your 35th birthday. Here, the theme of the party decides the costumes for the people.

You can ask your guests to dress up according to the theme. For example, everyone should wear a pirate costume if the theme is pirates.

You can also decorate the place according to the pirate’s theme. If you have decided to go with the costume party, you must give the guests at least one month’s notice for preparation.

25. Cooking party

Friends at the cooking party
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If your group loves cooking, you can conduct a cooking party on your birthday. This idea works well for an all-ladies event.

You must make arrangements for all the raw food materials, pans, and pots for cooking. Then, the guests can come and cook together. It will be really fun.

You can ask the guests about the dish that they plan to cook. Thus, it will be easy for you to make the necessary cooking arrangements.

26. High Tea party

You can even organize a high tea party for your birthday. It will be a kind of formal birthday party. There are many who prefer formal celebrations.

You can book any good hotels or tea rooms for the party. A typical high tea party will have some sweet treats, cucumber sandwiches, and special tea.

You can even consider including a bottle of champagne to make the party more exciting.

27. Party with Adventure Games

If you are a person who loves adventure sports, then there is no better way to celebrate your 35th birthday than setting up a party with adventure games.

You can choose any adventure game. If you have any favorite one, pick that. Make sure to arrange for good snacks and drinks after the adventure game.

You can have a good chit-chat with the guests during snack time.

28. Black and White party

Another good birthday party idea you can consider is the black and white theme for the party. It will give a more formal look to the party.

You can ask your guests to come in black and white dresses. You can also decorate your place with black and white stuff.

Keeping a photo booth corner is also a good idea to capture some beautiful black and white images.

29. Special Seafood party

Most people love seafood. So, it is a good idea to organize a special seafood party.

You need to get the best fish, crab, shrimp, lobsters, etc. You can make the dishes by yourself, or you can use the service of a seafood chef.

If you are hiring a chef, it is a good idea to set up a live grill counter for fish. The guest will really enjoy the freshly cooked fish.

30. Party with Dance

If you and your guests are fond of dancing, then a party with dance will be a good option. However, for the best experience, I recommend hiring a DJ.

You can also consider hiring a live band. When you hire a DJ or live band, you must also book a big venue.

Finally, you must make arrangements for food and drinks. People would love to have beer and cocktails at a dance party.

31. Casino-themed party

Casino Themed Party
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You can make your 35th birthday more exciting with a casino-themed party. Here, the idea is to create a casino environment for the guests.

You can organize some casino games. It will make the birthday party more exciting. Make sure to use decorations that go along with the casino theme.

You can also consider donating the money from the casino games to a good cause.

32. Party with Tarot reading

You can make the party more mystical with a tarot reading. But, first, you need to decorate the party area so that it looks mystical.

You can hire a tarot reader for the night. Thus, your guest will have a memorable experience.

To make it even more interesting, you can make the food and drinks match the Tarot theme. For example, you can get fortune cookies, colorful rock candies, red velvet cupcakes, and beverages.

33. Ethnic Dinner party

You can serve ethnic food for the birthday dinner to the guests. It can be Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, American, or any others.

You need to ensure that the guests like the selected ethnic style. You can cook for the guests if the group size is small.

If the group is large, you can hire a good chef. You can also decorate the place according to the ethnic dinner.

34. Pajama party

Guests can be more comfortable in pajamas rather than in formal outfits. As a result, you can make the birthday party more informal and relaxing.

You can request the guests to come in any pajamas of their choice. In addition, you can arrange fun games and activities.

You can set up a movie using a projector. You must also arrange for snacks and drinks. Guests can enjoy the movie with snacks.

35. Camping

You can take your friends and family to any good remote place for camping. It will be really nice to set up tents and have fun with your friends.

You need to take food and drinks for all the guests. You can even cook at the campsite.

Don’t forget to put a campfire at the camping site at night. Then, everyone can sit around this campfire and start playing some games.

36. Party on the Boat

Sail Boat Party
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You can also consider celebrating your 35th birthday on the boat. You can charter a boat for your family and friends. It will be slightly expensive. But it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.

Enjoy your snacks and drinks on the boat. You can also arrange for live music. It is a good idea to pop a champagne bottle on this special day.

Don’t forget to capture these beautiful memories.

37. Visit Amusement Park

You are never old to visit an amusement park and have some fun. So, take your friends and family to any good amusement park.

You will really love the different rides in the park with your friends. It can bring back your childhood memories. Don’t forget to get snacks and drinks.

Capture lots of selfies with your family and friends.

38. Cake party

You can arrange different varieties of cake for the guest on this special day. It will be a good chance for your friends and family members to taste different cake flavors.

Don’t forget to keep some snacks and drinks also. You can also get a baking master to conduct a small workshop on baking cakes.

Your guests will be really interested in such workshops.

39. Yoga Retreat

Why don’t you make this special day filled with spirituality? You can ask your family members and guests to go for a yoga retreat. It will help to provide good relaxation for the body and mind.

It is always good to do yoga at the beach. You can hire a good yoga instructor. You must also arrange the yoga mats, straps, blocks, and other accessories for everyone.

It is a good idea to request the yoga instructor to do only the basic stuff since many of your friends may not be into yoga.

40. Party with Gardening

If your guests are gardening enthusiasts, it will be good to arrange a party along with gardening.

You can hire a gardening expert to share his tips and tricks in gardening. It will be an informative and valuable session for everyone.

You can also make the guest do some gardening activities like planting seeds, repotting, etc. Another thing that you can do is pot painting.

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