30 Fun 27th Birthday Ideas (2024 List)

Are you planning a 27th birthday party for a friend or loved one? Are you looking for some creative ideas? There are many fun 27th birthday ideas to choose from, and below we’ll be sharing some of our favorites.

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Simply scroll through the list of ideas below and we’re confident you’ll find many that stand out to you.

List of Awesome 27th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Wine Tasting

People tasting wine at a vineyard
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Is the person you’re planning a party for a wine lover? If yes, a wine tasting part is great because it allows everyone to try different varieties of wine.

You can take your family and friends to any good winery in your area. You can arrange for their premium wines for tasting.

It’s a good idea to inform the winery beforehand about your wine-tasting party. It will help them to make the proper arrangements for your group.

You can also arrange for some snacks that go well with the wine.

2. Cocktail Cruise Party

Cocktail Cruise Party
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You can take your friends for a cocktail cruise party on your 27th birthday. This idea will be good if everyone in your group love cocktails.

It is also a great way to relax with your friends on a cruise with cocktails. It would be good if you could get a private space on the cruise for your entire group. So, you can chitchat and have some good discussions with your friends. It will be a unique experience for your friends.

Don’t forget to arrange some good snacks with the cocktails.

3. Picnic Party

Friends having a picnic by the lake
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I don’t think there isn’t anyone whole does not love to go for a picnic. So, you can take all your family and friends for a massive picnic on this special day.

It will be good if you can choose a less-crowded picnic spot. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy it fully.

You can carry the food and beverages for the entire group with you. Carry bedsheets so that you can spread them at the picnic spot, and everyone can sit on them.

Plan some fun activities to keep all the guests entertained.

4. Destination Party

Friends at a random destination party
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Everyone will have some favorite destination that they want to visit again and again. You can also choose your favorite destination and arrange the birthday party over there.

If there are any excellent activities or food to enjoy in that place, you can also make the same arrangements for your guests. Thus, they, too, will have a memorable time over there.

It is a great way to relax with your family and friends. Playing your favorite music playlist during the party is also a good idea.

5. Poker Party

Poker Three Guys
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Do you love playing poker? If your friends also love the same, organizing a poker night for your 27th birthday is a good idea.

There are two ways of organizing a poker party. You can visit any casino with your friends and play poker.

The other option is to arrange the poker games at your place itself. In my opinion, this option is better. You can have a great time playing poker with your friends. You must also arrange a good dinner after playing poker.

6. Mini Golf or Traditional Golf

Golf Course Party
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Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. That said, it can be quite frustrating if it’s your first time playing traditional golf. That’s why we recommend mini golf if you’re going with a group that isn’t full of experienced golfers. Mini golf is a ton of fun because there are tons of obstacles that challenge the most coordinated members of the group while allowing others to get lucky.

There will surely be a lot of laughing and good memories. Some mini golf courses also have rules that make you stand on one leg, trade ball positions with anyone of your choice, etc. These rules just make it more competitive and allow anyone to win!

7. Party at Bowling Alley

Friends bowling at a club
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You can celebrate your 27th birthday at the bowling alley with your friends. This idea will be great if you enjoy bowling.

You can book the entire bowling alley for your guests. Don’t forget to arrange snacks and drinks for the guests at the alley.

It is a good idea to conduct a small bowling tournament. It will make the party more fun and interesting. In addition, you can give prizes to the winners of these tournaments.

You can even organize a grand dinner after bowling. This is one of my personal favorite 27th birthday ideas.

8. Snorkeling or Diving Party

People diving in the ocean
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Organizing scuba diving and snorkeling for your friends is a great idea on this special day. It will be a great idea if everyone in the group enjoys these activities.

You can travel with your friends to your favorite place for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is always a good idea to book these activities in advance for your group. It will ensure they can arrange all the underwater gear for your guests.

There might be some in the group who will be doing these underwater activities for the first time. It will be a great experience for them.

You can arrange a good dinner with seafood for the guest afterward.

9. Spa Party

Girls relaxing at the spa
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It will be really great if you can get pampered on this special day. So, you can arrange a spa party for your 27th birthday.

It is an excellent idea if you are a lady planning to celebrate her birthday with her girlfriends. It will provide excellent relaxation for your body and mind.

You can arrange an excellent professional masseuse to come to your place. Otherwise, you can take everyone to the spa center and book it entirely for your group. Make sure that everyone enjoys it.

10. Painting Party

Paint Party At Home
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Many love to paint. In your busy life, you may not get sufficient time to paint and unleash the artist in you. If you and your group love this activity, you can consider organizing a painting party.

You can arrange for the canvas, painting papers, and brushes and paints for everyone. To make it more interesting, you can give small gifts to the best paintings made that day.

You can arrange for a good dinner once everyone is done with their paintings.

11. Party at Resort

Resort Party
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Celebrating your 27th birthday at any good resort with your family and friends is a good idea.

If the group size is large, you can consider booking the whole resort for you. Thus, you can avoid any third-party group from bombarding your birthday celebration.

Plan some games and fun activities at the resort so everyone is entertained. Most resorts will have some gaming options.

You don’t have to worry about food and drinks since they will be included in your booking. You can order a good cake if you plan to cut one on this special day.

12. Visit the Brewery

Beer tasting at the brewery
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If you are a beer lover, it will be good if you can take your friends to a brewery on this special day. Then, you can arrange an educative beer processing tour for the guests.

After that, you can taste the different beer samples along with the guests. You can also arrange for some snacks that go well with the beer.

Everyone can sit around a table and chitchat. You can even organize some fun games that can be played sitting around the table. You can also hand over some special beer from the winery as a gift to guests after the party.

13. Costume Party

Organizing a costume party can bring more fun to your 27th birthday party. Many people would love to go to a costume party.

You can select any theme for the costume party. All the guests need to be informed about their costumes in advance. You can go for a movie, music, or any other theme.

You can capture some beautiful selfies with your guests. Don’t forget to arrange a grand feast for the guests. Play some music in the background. The music must be related to your theme.

14. Salad Night

Salad Night
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You can organize a salad night if your friends and family enjoy salads. You can hire a good chef who is a master in making salads. Set up a live counter at the party area where the chef will prepare salads in front of the guests.

You can also conduct a small salad-making workshop with the help of the chef. The ladies in the group will definitely love this activity. Make sure to arrange all the necessary raw materials for the salad preparation.

You must also arrange for drinks that go well with the salads. Finally, organize some games for the guests to make the party more exciting.

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15. Tea Party

Friends having a tea party
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If you want to make your 27th birthday more formal, it is best to organize a tea party. If your group loves formal parties, it will be the best way to celebrate.

You can arrange for any premium tea for your guests. However, you need to complement the tea with some nice snacks. Sandwiches and cookies are the best dishes when it comes to the tea party.

You can arrange different types of sandwiches and cookies for your guests. Don’t forget to decorate your place with a theme that suits the tea party. It will help to provide a more vibe for the party.

16. Number “27” Birthday Party

It will be a great party idea for your 27th birthday if you can use the number 27 as the theme. Then, you can decorate the entire place with the number 27.

You can arrange 27 dishes for the party. There can be 27 types of chocolates or ice creams for the party.

You can also play your 27 favorite songs on the birthday party night. You can even dance to these songs along with your guests. It will be a great day to cherish forever.

17. Decade-Themed Party

80s Style Party
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You can pick any decade and set it as the theme for your 27th birthday party. It can be the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. You need to share the selected theme with the guests. They need to come dressed accordingly.

You can decorate your place according to the selected theme. You can make use of special lights to bring more vibe. You can also go for the popular dishes during that decade.

It is a good idea to arrange an excellent photographer to capture these beautiful memories. You can set up a photo corner in the party area where everyone can go for the photoshoot.

18. Ethnic Cuisine Party

How about organizing an ethnic cuisine party for your friends and family on your 27th birthday? It can be Indian, Chinese, Mexican, American, or other ethnic cuisines.

You can decorate the place according to the ethnic cuisine you have selected for the party.

If you have good experience cooking these dishes, you can cook everything yourself. If not, hiring a chef who is a master in those ethnic cuisines is a good idea. It will be a great experience for your guest to try some new food.

You can also plan some fun games and activities to make the party more enjoyable.

19. Party with Hiking

Girl hiking with her friends
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If you and your friends love hiking, then there is no better way to enjoy your 27th birthday than hiking. You can pick up one of your favorite trails or a new one.

It is always a good idea to select an easy trail. There may be some in the group who has not gone hiking before. Also, an easy trail will ensure that everyone will have the same energy level after the hike.

You can serve the guests food and beverages after the hike. Don’t forget to capture these beautiful moments.

20. Supernatural-themed Party

You can make the birthday party more exciting by selecting a supernatural theme. Then, decorate the party area, so the guests feel the supernatural theme the moment they enter.

You can request your guests to dress for the supernatural theme. You can hire a tarot card reader who can make the party more mystical. Use candles instead of light bulbs for lighting the entire area.

Don’t forget to bring the supernatural theme to the food also. You can hire a chef to prepare dishes based on this theme.

21. Party with Gardening

Gardening Party
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It is a good idea to conduct your birthday party and some gardening activity. This idea works best if the group loves gardening.

You can also bring a prominent gardening personality from your area to conduct a small workshop on gardening. The guests will definitely love this workshop.

You can organize small gardening activities like potting and planting seeds and trees. You can also arrange some special seeds and distribute them among the guests as a gift.

Don’t forget to arrange for a good dinner after finishing the gardening sessions.

22. Disco Dance Party

Girls dancing at the disco
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How about arranging a disco dance party on this special day. You can go for the 70s-style disco dance. You can ask your guests to come in 70s style with bell bottom pants and shirts.

The disco dance party requires some planning. So, you need to inform the guests in advance about your plans. In addition, it is good to hire a DJ who can play the music for you.

You need to decorate the place to create the ambiance for a disco dance party. You can set up colored revolving lights. If you plan to use a party space for the event, you can make the necessary arrangements.

Don’t forget to make dinner arrangements for the guests. The disco dance party is incomplete without a good dinner.

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23. Video Game Party

You would have played lots of video games during your childhood days with your friends. Organizing a video game party can bring back all those sweet memories.

Get a PlayStation or Xbox and games so that everyone can play together. It will be good if you can check with your guests about their favorite video games so that you can get the same.

Arrange for drinks and snacks so everyone can take a small bite and sip in between the games. You can also arrange a grand dinner after the games.

24. Backyard Bonfire Party

Backyard Bonfire Party
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A backyard bonfire party is a great idea to celebrate this special day with your family and friends.

You can organize a bonfire in your backyard. Bonfire requires a good amount of space. You can set it up in your backyard only if you have sufficient space. You can provide seating arrangements for the guests around the bonfire.

You can arrange for some games or fun activities that everyone can play. It will be great if you can arrange some flame-roasted dishes for the guests. You can also arrange some light snacks and drinks.

25. Crafts Party

If you love making crafts and your friends also enjoy making crafts, you can consider organizing a crafts party on your 27th birthday.

You can discuss it with your friends and decide what crafts everyone is going to make. Thus, you can collect all the raw materials required for the crafts.

Everyone can sit around a table to make the craft. Otherwise, you can arrange individual spaces for everyone. The type of craft decides the space requirement.

You can arrange a good dinner once everyone is done with the crafts. It will be a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

26. Pastry Party

You can also consider organizing a pastry party for your friends and family. But, again, it is a good idea to check with your friends to ensure they enjoy pastries.

You can either prepare all the pastries yourself or arrange a good baking master to prepare the pastries for you. If you are doing it yourself, you will need at least a couple of days to prepare everything.

It will be good to conduct a small pastry workshop for all the guests with the help of the baking master. It will be a good experience for everyone.

27. Karaoke Party

If you and your friends are fond of singing, you can host a karaoke party for your 27th birthday.

To make the party more interesting, you can also get a famous singer in your area for the party.

But, of course, you must make all the arrangements for the singing, including lights and audio. It will be a great experience for all the guests.

You can serve the guests a grand dinner later.

28. Virtual Birthday Party

If your best friends are at different locations and you still want to celebrate your birthday with them without traveling to their place, you can consider hosting a virtual birthday party.

You can join with your friends through any of the popular live streaming platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. You can even order a cake and cut it in front of your online friends.

The party can be more interesting if you arrange food for your friends at their location. You can chitchat and play some games online. Make sure there is never a dull moment for the guests during the virtual birthday party.

29. Brunch Party

Brunch Party
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Organizing a brunch party is another great idea to celebrate your 27th birthday. Many people love brunch these days.

You can conduct the brunch party at your home or a restaurant. If you plan to do it at home, hiring a chef who can prepare everything for you is a good idea. You can request the chef to prepare his masterpiece dishes for the party.

You can request to give your group an excellent private space if it is at a restaurant. But, again, it is to ensure that no unknown persons are bombarding your party.

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30. Roller Skating

You can also consider planning a roller skating party with your friends and family.

It is a good idea to book the entire roller skating arena for your guests. It will ensure that you guys can have a great time.

Consider organizing some interesting skating games that everyone can enjoy. You can arrange some light snacks and drinks guests can have between skating. This idea works for both men and women.

You can also arrange a good dinner for all the guests at your place or any restaurant.

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